Excelling in Professional Coaching

Excelling in
Professional Coaching

Our unique levy funded
Professional Coaching Qualification

The Excelling in Professional Coaching Programme is perfect for either existing leaders and coaches who want to improve their skills, or aspiring coaches who may not directly manage teams, but do have a focus on driving engagement and encouraging the empowerment of others across the business.

Our professional coaching qualification fully aligns to the coaching apprenticeship programme, this means your influential managers and aspiring leaders can receive a Level 5 coaching Apprenticeship using the funds already paid into your apprenticeship levy, and with no additional costs to your business.

Our unique levy funded level 5 coaching qualification

Who is it for?

This programme is a great choice for those working in roles such as Operations Manager, Department Manager, Performance Coach or Learning & Development practitioner.

Their key responsibilities may include:

  • Developing teams and individuals
  • Creating, planning and delivering improvement
  • Solving performance problems
  • Supporting career and life planning
  • Guiding individuals through career change
  • Building foundations for behavioural change

Your Level 5 Coaching

Apprenticeship Journey

Coaching Principles

It all starts here! We launch your professional coaching journey by establishing a coaching mindset, ethical practice, profiling coaching models, and the philosophy of coaching. You will learn the skills to begin planning your sessions, covering a wide format of coaching scenarios.

Coaching Competency

The best coaches in the world recognise and analyse coaching needs in others. Here you will explore raising awareness, questioning techniques, setting smarter goals and objectives and how to read a person’s verbal and non-verbal cues, all with the goal of moving your coachee forward.


Knowing yourself is a key part of your performance as a professional coach. We will research your personality and learn how you positively impact on others including what drives and motivates you to perform at your best. We will also discover the methods and techniques you can implement to analyse and improve your communication.

Coaching Culture
(2 days)

Making your sessions engaging, efficient and worthwhile for your client is a crucial element to promote and build successful outcomes. Here we will develop an understanding of how to create successful thinking, unearth a range of Cognitive Behavioural coaching and Positive Pyschology techniques to keep yourself and yourclient motivated to achieve. All the while balancing your time effectively and increasing your focus and energy.


How do you get your point across? Here we will learn about the fundamentals of communication including the range of models and preferences at your disposal, with a focus on developing the right skills for delivering constructive feedback conversations. We will also formulate an understanding of unconscious bias, diversity ,inclusion and embedding your organisation’s core values into every session.

Reflecting on Practice

Professional coaches are always learning and developing; in this final topic we will bring to light a range of methods on how to evaluate your client’s performance, demonstrate a return on investment and review what you have learned to further propel your performance and fine tune that next coaching challenge.


Your Professional coaching

Our programme is supported by our unique and innovative resources and draws on our unique access to the very best thought leadership across sectors with our unrivalled access to global experts in the field of coaching and high performance.



Programme Level

Programme Level

The programme maps to a Level 5 advanced apprenticeship standard.

Programme Duration

Programme Duration

The average programme length is 12 months plus 3 months for End Point Assessment.



Average of 6 working hours per week. We have designed our programme in a way that ensures learners achieve the required number of learning and coaching hours through the completion of regular tasks set. These are often naturally occurring activities that will be undertaken in work.



The learner must work at least 50% of their time in England and must not have a qualification at the same level or above in this subject area.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements unless specified by the employer.



Achievement is gained through completion of End Point Assessments which are carried out by an Independent End Point Assessment Organisation.



Level 5 Certificate in Professional Coaching from the Institute of Apprenticeships.

Levy Funding available

As we are a Government Registered Apprenticeships Training Provider, you can use your Levy to fund this programme. Not enough funds in your Levy account? Don’t worry, the government will co-fund 95% of the programme costs.

Funded up to £5,000 per learner

I really enjoyed working through the programme with the same group of people and having that support network outside my organisation. It made me feel less alone when I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work. When unsure about something, it is also great to have people you can ask questions to and share ideas with.

Solveiga Karkauskaite, Programme Learner

The workshops were my most favorite part of the programme. It was great to meet other people outside of the business and learn together through discussions, trying out various tools and learning from each other. It was great to have group support thought the programme as well.

Solveiga Karkauskaite, Programme Learner

I developed quite a few skills and it had a huge impact on how I work and communicate with my team, as well as stakeholders and partners. I used the skills when leading a learning and development function, managing my team, delivering training, having coaching conversations with employees and much more.

Solveiga Karkauskaite, Programme Learner

It completely changed how I interact with others and how I lead my team. I learnt to give people time and space to come up with their own ideas, motivate them, and enabled them to learn and grow instead of giving them the directions and explaining the milestones.

Solveiga Karkauskaite, Programme Learner

This course has enabled me to develop skills in professional coaching with a number of individuals within and outside of the workplace. I am a continuous learner and try to apply the skills that I have developed to everyday situations and conversations with others.

Programme Learner

In learning how to coach I have been able to lead my own team and project based teams more effectively. Colleagues who I work with are less reliant on me for answers, but now come to me for help working through problems which they take accountability and responsibility for. I feel like a more competent manager.

Programme Learner

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