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Our leadership, management and coaching development programmes are a great way to grow your existing and aspiring leaders and managers. We facilitate the learning of skills tools and high performance in an ever-changing landscape

Our programmes are professionally recognised and to top it off, can be fully funded using the Apprenticeship Levy.

Excelling in Team Leadership

Excelling in Team Leadership

For aspiring professionals taking their first step into line management, or those with some experience of managing a team or project.


Excelling in Operational Management

For professionals who manage teams and are responsible for achieving operational goals and objectives as part of their organisation’s strategy.

Excelling in Operational Management
Excelling in Professional Coaching

Excelling in Professional Coaching

For those who may not directly manage teams but do impact on the performance and development or others, working closely with other senior leaders.


Women in Leadership

With an emphasis on celebrating Women in Leadership and diversity as a whole, this programme aims to inspire, motivate, and empower current female leaders and stimulate future talented women to meet their potential.

Women in Leadership

Listen to Sam Davys from TalkTalk talk about her experience

Our Learner case studies

What better way to understand what it’s like to embark on one of our development programmes, than to hear directly from our learners!


I learned so much during my apprenticeship, the knowledge and skills developed were, and are, so valuable and really improved so many areas in the role I performed at the time. I also grew confidence in my approach to leadership, being able to back this up with the science behind it and refer to models, methods and techniques, knowing they were tried and tested, and being able to utilise these as part of my toolbox  to support specific situations has been invaluable!

I recommend anyone wanting to grow their leadership skills to look into this apprenticeship.

Melissa Okine, Programme Learner

Since starting the course, my biggest achievement has been the ability to lead through change, whilst raising the profile of my team across the business. It’s been heart-warming to see increased recognition of insights and analytics through our people, and I’m excited to see where the team goes this year.

Amy Higgins, Programme Learner

I recently began my journey of learning and growth when I started my Women in Leadership apprenticeship qualification with Raise the Bar. The programme aims to inspire, motivate and empower current and future women to achieve their leadership potential, and I felt all of that from my very first session!

Mel Delaney, Programme Learner

Our delegates attended training and completed assignments to support their learning in areas such as management of self, problem solving, decision making, managing and leading people and operations and project management, as well as their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

Andy Jones, Chief People Officer

It’s never too late to study, and having access to an apprenticeship my work has really helped me achieve something I thought I’d missed.

Richard Davies, Programme Learner

Having an organisation so well structured and tailored towards coaching was extremely important. We are really happy with Raise the Bar – as an organisation we’re all about coaching and nurturing versus training, so that was one of the key reasons for choosing them. We will definitely use Raise the Bar again for our people development.

 Zoe Dyson, Tuition Operations Manager

The programme has been extremely valuable for me personally. It taught me some great tools to combat some of my biggest challenges, such as time management. I have also learnt a great deal about myself and have been able to self-reflect on a lot of my behaviours.

Kerry Stavileci, Programme Learner

I’ve been able to use many of the skills and behaviours learnt from the programme, including maintaining team performance and having challenging conversations which I would have shied away from in the past. I’ve also been able to manage projects and organise workload in line with people’s strengths, weaknesses and characters. I’ve been able to coach several team members so that they can deputise for me during periods of annual leave. I’ve also been able to motivate my team and maintain performance.

Claire Wessier, Programme Learner

Everything I have learned from the programme has been beneficial to my role, time management, decision making, leading/managing people and managing myself has had a huge impact on my attitude and the way I present myself to my team and lead them.

Jack Broome, Programme Learner

The skills, knowledge and behaviours that I have learnt this far on the programme have been instantly transferable to my role and I have already noticed a change in my approach when managing my team. I have found it fascinating that I am unknowingly already using some techniques daily and it is a great moment when you can put a name to a method I am already familiar with.

Liz Hardman, Programme Learner

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