Management Apprenticeships

Our fully funded Leadership and Management apprenticeships transform the skills of your aspiring and existing leaders, helping them to thrive in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment.

All our programmes are professionally recognised by the Institute of Leadership and best of all, they can be funded using your Apprenticeship Levy.

What Makes our Apprenticeships Different

Unrivalled throughout leadership

We work closely with incredible thought leaders and experts to incorporate unmatched expertise throughout our content.

Innovative & adaptable delivery

We pride ourselves on always being ahead of the curve with new technologies, bringing you the most engaging and impactful delivery techniques available.

Cutting edge insight

Our global experts bring invaluable expertise and insights in the form of webinars, podcasts, blogs and more, to deepen and solidifying understanding.

Exceptional people

Our people are our biggest strength. Experienced, dynamic and compassionate, they put your learners at the heart of each programme, creating a personalised, learning journey that encourages growth.

Women in Leadership

Level 3
Level 5

Aimed specifically at motivating and empowering your new and aspiring female leaders, our programme celebrates women in leadership, providing them with the key tools and behaviours needed to become effective leaders.

Excelling in Team Leadership

Level 3

Nurture and develop the skills of your new and future leaders to enable them to lead teams and projects confidently and effectively to achieve organisational goals.

Excelling in Operational Management

Level 5

Support your experienced leaders to excel in their roles and further their careers by developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for successful leadership.

Excelling in Professional Coaching

Level 5

Create a high-performing culture, where all employees are aligned in achieving organisational goals by developing a community of qualified and competent coaches.

Inspiring Individuality

Level 3
Level 5

Celebrating individuality and workplace diversity, this programme aims to inspire and empower individuals to be proud of their ethnicity and learn fundamental techniques and behaviours to address inclusivity for both themselves and their wider teams.

Be Inspired by the Most Dynamic Motivational Speakers

We connect organisations to the most dynamic motivational speakers and global experts.