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Mark Wood

After serving in the British Army and then as a Firefighter in the Fire and Rescue Service Mark Wood went on to train and lead teams for major polar and mountain expeditions. Operating in areas such as the Arctic circle, the Himalayas, Antarctica, Alaska – along with the Norwegian and Canadian high Arctic Mark developed a passion for exploration.

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Mark has completed over 30 major expeditions around the world including a solo expedition to the South Geographic Pole followed directly by a 200 mile solo crossing of the Arctic ocean to the Geographic North Pole, which became part of a Channel 5 documentary. Additionally, he has crossed the horizontal Everest of the Canadian high arctic to the Geomagnetic Pole, twice, and supported the BBC Top gear team to the Magnetic North Pole.

Mark uses the connections between challenges faced by organisations and the challenges explorers face in very dangerous and hostile conditions. His presentations include, but are not limited to:

Thinking Different –

Outlining strategic planning, evolving a brand to attract global companies, overcoming adverse situations, remaining focused on the goal whilst allowing for change, key decision making and knowing your own abilities, and when to involve others.

Below Zero Decision Making-

Understanding your environment, planning and preparation, leading from the back, allowing your team to have freedom to develop, continuous risk assessment, the importance of mission statements.

All presentations and themes can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements with the sessions designed to last between 1 to 2 hours. The presentations can be adapted to include photo opportunities, award presentations, question and answer sessions, socialising with audience members and any other arrangements required.

Mark has a natural ability to effortlessly link the outdoors and the rigours of exploration with the everyday business environment. His engaging and entertaining style makes the stories and parallels he draws easy to absorb and to act upon. A really great and inspirational speaker.

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Mark Wood

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