Excelling in Team Leadership

Level 3

Front-line managers play a fundamental part in any organisation’s structure. They’re vital in the successful day-to-day running of departments and teams and are a crucial link between senior leaders and employees. So, it’s imperative that they’re equipped with the relevant skills and behaviours for them to be able to lead efficiently and effectively.

Our Excelling in Team Leadership programme addresses the key topics and challenges your people face as new leaders, providing them with the inspiration and tools to develop their leadership styles and thrive in their roles.

Why this programme?

Fully funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, our programme provides a cost-effective solution for developing your new and aspiring managers and supports your organisation to:

  • Create confident and proactive leaders

  • Positively impact productivity & morale

  • Produce behaviour role models

  • Build a robust leadership succession plan

Key challenges addressed

Our programme focuses on the key challenges and topics impacting the roles of your leaders and managers, helping to influence and shape their leadership behaviour. With invaluable resources, tools and discussions, we help them to address and overcome these challenges, improve their confidence and perform to the highest levels.

Conflict management

Time management techniques & tools

Unconscious bias & inclusivity

Developing & maintaining strong relationships

Project management

Problem-solving techniques

Effective decision-making

Developing self-awareness

Performance management

Clear & transparent communication

Emotional intelligence

Motivation techniques

Programme details

Programme level

This programme maps to a Level 3 apprenticeship standard.


The average duration for this programme is 15 months.


This programme is delivered remotely, providing the utmost in flexibility for your people and organisation.


We are here to answer any questions you have.