Our Team

Our Team

Being part of a resilient and evolving team is as important to us as it is to you! Getting the right mix of fun, diversity, development and energy is key to Raising the Bar together. We Care, We Own it, We Dream, We Win #DreamTeam

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Our Executive team draws on a wealth of experience from across sectors to ensure we are always focussed on outstanding results for our clients and learners and a fantastic place to work for our people.

Meet Our Team

Steve Smith Photo

Steve Smith

Founding Director
Jonathan Stanger Photo

Jonathan Stanger

Founding Director
Shaun Lanceley Photo

Shaun Lanceley

Executive Director
Becs Bridge Photo

Becs Bridge

Managing Director
Steve Charnock Photo

Steve Charnock

Non Exec Director
Melanie Mullin Photo

Melanie Mullin

Finance Manager
James Cannon Photo

James Cannon

People Manager
Danny McLaughlin Photo

Danny McLaughlin

Client Solutions Manager
Kerry Hodgkiss Photo

Kerry Hodgkiss

Head of Client Propositions
Luis Leiva Photo

Luis Leiva

Head of Digital & Design
Gemma Lamb Photo

Gemma Lamb

Senior Graphic Designer
Amy Choi Photo

Amy Choi

Junior Graphic Designer
Hayley Grainger Photo

Hayley Grainger

Project Coordinator
Natasha Greene Photo

Natasha Greene

Learning Manager
Ellie Cronshaw Photo

Ellie Cronshaw

Learning Manager
Jordan Yates Photo

Jordan Yates

Learning Coordinator
Rucha Roberts Photo

Rucha Roberts

Head of Client Solutions
Mollie Bloxsome Photo

Mollie Bloxsome

Client Solutions Coordinator
Adam Benson Photo

Adam Benson

Client Solutions Consultant
Tina Hamilton Photo

Tina Hamilton

Recruitment Coordinator
Laura Moore Photo

Laura Moore

Head of Funding & Compliance
Mark George Photo

Mark George

Apprenticeships Account Manager
Tanya Hudson Photo

Tanya Hudson

Data Administrator
Nic Williams Photo

Nic Williams

Head of Business Support
Laurine Cathala Photo

Laurine Cathala

Senior Business Administrator
Charlotte Fotherby Photo

Charlotte Fotherby

Senior Business Administrator
Erin Hughes Photo

Erin Hughes

Business Administration Apprentice
Janette Healey Photo

Janette Healey

Head of Apprenticeships
Denise Waywell Photo

Denise Waywell

Quality Manager
Luke Chapman Photo

Luke Chapman

Curriculum Manager
Kelly-Jo Fearnehough Photo

Kelly-Jo Fearnehough

Apprenticeships Account Manager
Hayley Sinclair Photo

Hayley Sinclair

Apprenticeships Account Manager
Rachel Jones Photo

Rachel Jones

EPA Coordinator
Julie Piergianni Photo

Julie Piergianni

IQA / Coach
Rachel Jackson Photo

Rachel Jackson

Sam Hartley Photo

Sam Hartley

Development Coach
Simon Newton Photo

Simon Newton

Development Coach
Lucy Jones Photo

Lucy Jones

Development Coach
Karen Quinn Photo

Karen Quinn

Development Coach
Barbara Bannister Photo

Barbara Bannister

Development Coach
Deanne Russell Photo

Deanne Russell

Development Coach
Nicola Wright Photo

Nicola Wright

Development Coach
Karen Gibson Photo

Karen Gibson

Development Coach
Amy D’Orazi Photo

Amy D’Orazi

Development Coach
Claire Draycott Photo

Claire Draycott

Development Coach
Avis Brett Photo

Avis Brett

Development Coach
Rochelle Sommers Photo

Rochelle Sommers

Development Coach
Jewel Cole Photo

Jewel Cole

Development Coach
Ashley Williams Photo

Ashley Williams

Development Coach
Stephanie Wood Photo

Stephanie Wood

Development Coach
Annabel Graham Photo

Annabel Graham

Kate Miles-Roberts Photo

Kate Miles-Roberts

Bev Holden Photo

Bev Holden

James Clegg Photo

James Clegg

Jos Burton Photo

Jos Burton

Kirsty Mac Photo

Kirsty Mac

Lynsey Weir Photo

Lynsey Weir

Mark Nobbs Photo

Mark Nobbs

Paul Nolan Photo

Paul Nolan

John Holton Photo

John Holton

Zoe Jepson Photo

Zoe Jepson

Jeff Weigh Photo

Jeff Weigh

Tim Osborn Photo

Tim Osborn

Chris Brindley MBE Photo

Chris Brindley MBE

Damian Hughes Photo

Damian Hughes


Work for us

We’re focused on recruiting the best possible people to join our team. We incite a high performing culture and reward those who commit and contribute with a fantastic working environment and career package.