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Guy Unsworth

Guy is an international theatre director and writer. His award-winning work spans a wide range of genres, from large-scale musicals to intimate, theatrical films, in London’s West End and across the globe.

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After studying Industrial Economics, Guy took a leap of faith to pursue his dream in theatre. As a director, he leads the creative process from page to stage managing a new team of artists on each project. He deliberately seeks variety and new experiences, and curating the celebrations for the Queen’s 90th Birthday was no exception.

When the pandemic caused theatres to close, Guy worked with the Original Theatre Company creating a new hybrid theatre-film artform. The result was a theatre-film of a new play, The System. Broadcast across the globe, it is the longest, live, steadicam single-take ever. The Upcoming said that The System “Completely revolutionises the industry”.

As a writer, he is a multi-published playwright and specialises in adapting existing titles to a theatre format. Guy’s production of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em is soon to embark on a 3rd tour. The show, written and directed by him, has received an unprecedented 50 four and five star reviews.

As a speaker, Guy uses his experience and stories from the theatre world to talk about:

  • Giving Feedback
  • The importance of danger
  • Invisible but present Leadership
  • The Power of the Ensemble
  • Creating and understanding human character
  • Storytelling in the real world
”Guy is a fantastic speaker. Structured, interesting and funny, and he caters well for a varied audience. His far reaching career in theatre equips him to share fascinating stories and a set of skills which will help you look at life and work in a different way.” – Nick Breen, IP Lawyer
”A quietly passionate communicator, Guy is captivating to listen to. I wasn’t sure what we’d learn from the stories of a theatre director but his expert knowledge and unique perspective enabled everyone to go away having learnt something different and been inspired by an alternative point of view.” – Kate Miles Roberts, Clear Thinking
”Guy is extremely well versed in panel discussions and as an independent speaker. His incredible depth of knowledge and experience within theatre the arts industry puts him in a unique position to humanize and drive parallels within the corporate landscape through emotional connection and directorial structure. His experience and stories working with a variety of artists and performance types will leave people inspired to look at their own experiences or opportunities from a different angle.” – Michael James, VMLYR Commerce
”Guy Unsworth has always been dedicatedly focussed on the value of the theatre in terms of what it provides and the contribution it makes to our culture. The fact that he can express his views so eloquently and with enjoyment, enables him to be the perfect communicator on any occasion.” – Margaret Mann, Cancer Research

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Guy Unsworth

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