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Professor Jonathan Zittrain

Jonathan Zittrain is one of the world’s leading scholars and voices on the impact of digital technology – from the Internet of Things to Big Data, to artificial intelligence, cyber threats and security – Jonathan Zittrain employs decades of experience interrogating and influencing the legal, technological and world-shaping aspects of virtual terrains.

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Raef Meeuwisse

Raef Meeuwisse is one of the most popular authors in the field of cyber-security and social engineering. Raef’s titles include the global best-seller, ‘Cybersecurity for Beginners’, the frequently evolving ‘Cybersecurity to English Dictionary’ and ‘How to Hack a Human’; an exploration of how easily us humans can be controlled and influenced. His experience includes running eight digit security budgets, consulting on security at over 50 different organisations, designing a multi-million-pound security software platform, training as a hypnotist (yes, you read that correctly) and occasionally flying helicopters.

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Jim Rees

Jim Rees is an accomplished athlete, executive coach and author. His professional career has been focused on emotional intelligence and leadership development.

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Penny Haslam

Former national BBC business presenter on TV and radio. Multi-award-winning speaker, facilitator, coach and author of Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous. An expert in world-class communication and workplace confidence.

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Ayo Sokale

Civil engineer, BBC Presenter, Former Deputy Mayor of Reading, Sustainability Speaker, Motivational Speaker, STEM Speaker & Neurodiversity Speaker.

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Royston Guest

Author | Speaker | Business & Performance Coach | Entrepreneur | Founder of the Pathways SaaS Platform.

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Stephen McGown

Al Qaeda’s longest held prisoner. Not being mentally, physically or emotionally equipped for this event, he had to learn to survive.

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Jose Ucar

Jose is an International Communication and Influence Expert who empowers business leaders to cultivate strong international relationships.

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Jane Viljoen

Jane Viljoen is a Multi Award Winning Corporate Psychologist who specialises in the field of developing emotional intelligence, coaching & mentoring, communication, leadership, increasing personal impact and maximising human potential

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James Adeleke

James Adeleke is on a mission to change the world. He is a Nigerian-born, dyslexic Social entrepreneur & the CEO of Generation Success.

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Mette Johansson

Mette Johansson is a highly awarded author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. She speaks on Authentic Inspirational and Inclusive Leadership

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Emma Mills-Sheffield

Consultancy & coaching for businesses to be efficient, productive & resilient. Helping leaders to understand strategy & put it into practice

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