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Dave Coplin

With over 25 years in the technology industry and through his day job with Microsoft, Dave Coplin has been at the forefront of conversations around how individuals and organisations can benefit from the transformational potential that technology offers, rather than simply using it to do the same things, only slightly better. Dave’s mission is to make people reconsider their relationship with technology and how it can help them work smarter, not harder.

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Dave Coplin told his Mum that one day he would be the CEO of a big company. He is now ‘Chief Envisioning Officer’– an unusual title he gave himself to describe what he does. Dave helps organisations and individuals to envision the full potential that technology offers of a modern, digital society by focusing not on the technology itself, but on the humans who use it.

Dave’s work as a published thought leader has allowed him to start a new conversation with audiences that resonates broadly at all levels within organisations and individuals about the changing nature of work which requires even greater levels of flexibility, collaboration, creativity and innovation. With a loyal audience on social media, Dave is a prominent and regular voice at leading industry events and platforms including the RSA, WorkTech, and Cloud World Forum.

Dave has a tell-it-as-he-sees-it style and a light-hearted approach, which his audiences enjoy as he helps them think differently. This results in him being recognised as one of the most influential people in the digital industry – nominated as one of the Drum’s Digerati (2013, 2014) BIMA’s Hot 100 (2013) and the Digital Marketing Show’s “Class of 2014”.

It was absolutely wonderful to have Dave at our Dinner. To deliver a better future, we need to challenge our thinking about how we can influence change and work together. Dave’s talk inspired us to think about how we use data and technology to inspire and influence others to make change happen. He is a dynamic speaker who kept the diverse audience engaged throughout his whole presentation.

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Dave Coplin

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