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Edgar Perez

Edgar Perez is a global leader and visionary in business and technology, from Artificial Intelligence and Quantum to 5G and the Metaverse.

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Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman spent the last 25 years working as an entrepreneur and technology investor, mostly focusing on investments and business development in emerging markets, instrumentation, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art, currently through close to 15 direct and indirect investments.

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Dr Craig Wing

Craig Wing is a seasoned Futurist and Global Keynote Speaker, brings over two decades of experience with 500+ keynotes in 50 countries.

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Peter Cochrane OBE

Peter Cochrane OBE is one of the world’s most respected and sought-after futurists. He speaks on technology, communication and the future effects of change on corporations, individuals and society. Peter is the former Head of Research at British Telecommunications plc, the UK’s largest telecommunications company.

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Jason Bradbury

As a prominent tech specialist in the UK, Jason Bradbury is a familiar face to many.

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Simon Wheatcroft

Simon Wheatcroft’s unique blend of ferocious drive, along with his background in technology and psychology, enables him to push the boundaries of possibility and challenge the audience to explore what they can achieve.

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Dave Coplin

With over 25 years in the technology industry and through his day job with Microsoft, Dave Coplin has been at the forefront of conversations around how individuals and organisations can benefit from the transformational potential that technology offers, rather than simply using it to do the same things, only slightly better. Dave’s mission is to make people reconsider their relationship with technology and how it can help them work smarter, not harder.

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Andrew Grill

Actionable Futurist and former IBM Global Managing Partner Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after keynote speaker and trusted board-level technology advisor.

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Daniel Bobroff

One of the world’s leading retail technology speakers, Daniel Bobroff believes in the power of everyone to be a game changer.

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Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker is the founder of the Provenance. Based in London they are revolutionising supply chain transparency and product trust using a new technology called the blockchain. Provenance works with suppliers, brands and certifiers to enable every product to come with an open, secure record of it’s journey.

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Kate Russell

Kate Russell is a journalist, reporter and author, and has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995.

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Nadine Dereza

Nadine Dereza is an award-winning journalist and presents business, news and entertainment programmes on TV, radio and online. Nadine chairs, hosts and facilitates conferences, panel discussions and live events for a diverse range of clients in the UK and internationally. She currently presents CNBC’s Internet of Things: Powering the Digital Economy – a technology programme investigating how ‘smart environments’ – the merging of physical and virtual worlds – are disrupting and shaping different industries.

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