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James Kerr

James Kerr is a bestselling writer, speaker, coach and consultant who helps create high performance cultures for elite teams and organisations. He is the author of the global best-seller ‘Legacy’ which provides a unique insight into the most successful sporting team, The All Blacks – and has worked with some of the world’s most exceptional organisations, from Tier One Special Forces to Formula One teams, Premiership Football managers to Olympic teams, Google to Spotify to Boeing.  

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His forthcoming book, Where the Earth Meets the Sky, travels to Mount Everest with the Gurkhas to understand what it takes to overcome adversity to ‘reach the top’. It covers themes including adversity and resilience, purpose and pressure, leadership at every level, decision-making and the art of delegation, and the formation of strong, self-directed teams that get the job done. For this project, he spent a month embedded with the legendary British Gurkhas in Everest Base Camp as they attempted to summit.

He asks: What do all great teams have in common? What is the Being of Team? How does change happen? How can you create a culture of initiative, innovation and adaptation? How have we got leadership upside down? How do leaders create leaders? How do they create common cause? How do you prepare for and perform under pressure? How do you make your teammates better? How can culture create competitive advantage? And – what will your legacy be?

A superb presenter and a natural storyteller, his sessions are a mixture of sports psychology, leadership practice, organisational science, and compelling storytelling, and act as a powerful catalyst for change within organisations, and the individuals within them.

Kerr has advised US and UK Special Forces, Formula 1 teams, America’s Cup crews, Premier League football managers, Olympic Performance Directors – as well as many corporations from Google to PayPal, Vodafone to Dyson, HSBC to Roche, Red Bull to Unilever, Shell to Boeing. His next book, Spearhead, explores ‘the principles of war for the business of leadership’, providing a fresh framework for leaders looking to turn culture into a ‘force multiplier’ for competitive advantage.

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James Kerr was a fantastic business speaker who provided a unique and insightful view into the All Blacks. The audience loved the way James linked the success of the All Blacks to the success of a business with many key tips and messages given along the way. James made an effort to speak to our guests and was professional, approachable and inspirational.
‘Legacy is still one of my favourite books, and culture/values is something that’s been particularly pertinent for me as I progress through my own experiences of leadership – so to have this webinar has been amazing.’ ‘Thanks for an excellent session with James yesterday. Really insightful and some great take-aways.’ ‘What a great webinar with James Kerr.  He has given me so many things to think about.’ The RFU Event – Alex Thompson

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James Kerr

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