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Making an Impact

14 January 2015

Making an Impact

This interactive and face-paced course will leave you feeling more in charge when communicating and confident about entering into any interaction. This will provide you with the interpersonal skills that can help you in Making an Impact, in the way you make an impact stick and perform at work and at home.

What the course covers…

  • Influential Communication Skills – Building and maintaining strong relationships to ensure we establish credibility and deal assertively with stakeholders, at whatever level.
  • Assertiveness – Assertive people are confident at expressing their opinions and respectful of the views of others. This session aims to make you feel better about saying ‘no’ without having to change who you are.

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Develop the essential skills surrounding successful talking, listening and observing to make a strong connection in order to build rapport
  • Be able to handle objections skilfully
  • Understand how to adapt your communication style to ensure your message resonates with every listener.
  • Identify and define the 4 styles of assertive behaviour
  • Gain an appreciation of how communication and body language affects behaviour
  • Explore assertiveness techniques and how and when to use them
  • Gain an appreciation of how to give constructive feedback assertively

This course is for people who want to ensure that their communication meets the needs of everyone to ensure goals and targets can be achieved.