How to Win in Business

06 Nov 14 | Justin Stead

In this blog, Former Aurum Group CEO, Justin Stead, discusses how to win in business. Justin was the driving force behind quadrupled profits during the global recession for the Aurum Group, which includes luxury brands, Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths. Justin’s approach to ensuring success follows three easy steps: Vision, Culture and Communication.


Vision, strategy and major commitment to a set of values

Businesses must have a great deal of awareness, not only of themselves but of their competition and what they are doing, moreover, they must have optimism that they can be better than the rest and have clear set values to get them there. Part of this vision is setting a winning tone, change your dynamic and remember your people and employees will love winning too.

It’s all about the customer – why do we exist?

All too often businesses will focus on customer service, when in reality customer experience is paramount, ask yourself, what does great look like for your business? Accept that things do go wrong but a culture to ensure an exceptional recovery for your customers should underpin all that you do. Don’t leave your customer service to your managers, adopt a top down, bottom up mentality in your teams, meeting in the middle will ensure nothing is missed.

Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference

When it comes to communication, the more the better, huge amounts of communication contributes to a successful business and helps your team come together. Value those who work for you, creating a fun and enjoyable place to work as part of your employee engagement plan is key, a responsibility of all your managers. Finally, belief is vital for a winning business, if you don’t believe in your vision, you can’t expect your team to either.


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Justin Stead

Justin Stead


Justin Stead is currently the Chairman of multiple international consumer brands: Desmond & Dempsey, Le Col, Baby Mori and ...