Webinar – Professor Steve Peters

If we could have perfect management of our mind, and be robust and resilient, life would be so much easier; so why can’t we?

Webinar led by Professor Steve Peters

Stress is something we all experience from time to time, we go through rough patches,  we face challenges and comes across struggles. During these times, we can be our own worst enemy, we experience negative emotions and we allow ourselves to overthink. 

But, how can we manage these negative emotions, stop ourselves from overthinking and put an end to these harmful behaviours? 

Professor Steve Peters has spent many years as a Consultant Psychiatrist and identified that regardless of the challenges life throws at you, if you have the emotional skills to deal with the negativity, you can not only cope, but actually thrive! 

The bestselling author of The Chimp Paradox has just released a brand new book which is a structured, practical self-development programme to support psychological health and wellbeing.

Join us for our complimentary webinar Steve Peter’s as he addresses some of the key topics in his new book.

October 28, 2021 

12 pm 

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