Webinar- Matt Lindley

Reaching for the sky:
A story of mental resilience,
determination and self-motivation.

Free webinar led by Matt Lindley
for Pride Month

Matt Lindley is an airline and ex RAF Royal Squadron Pilot. He shares his story of being one of the first openly gay pilots in the armed forces, a story of self-motivation, determination and drive which led to his dream of joining the RAF fulfilled.

As part of our annual celebrations for Pride Month in June, we’re inviting you to join us for a special, complimentary webinar with the inspirational Matt Lindley.

As an airline and ex-RAF Royal Squadron pilot, Matts share his journey of how he became the first openly gay pilot in the armed forces. Fighting the hostility he faced with self-determination and resilience to achieve his dream, he discusses how the change from a ‘macho’ culture within the RAF, to one of support and inclusivity, helped to improve both employee well-being and productivity.

With a Q&A session to follow, Matt will cover key topics such as stress in the workplace, the importance of allyship and how to be an inclusive leader…and we’ve also been promised lots of videos of planes!

May 17, 2022 

12 pm 

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