Two Days in the Life…

14 Jul 17

Former professional footballer, sports agent and successful entrepreneur, Jonathan Stanger, gives insight into 2 days on the road as a Director at Raise the Bar…

“The thing I love about our company is the variety of the people that we work with, which means I’m often in London, meeting a whole range of different clients & providers”

Day 1

My alarm went off at 5:45 and I was on the 7 am train into town.

First a meeting with James Grant Media who represent a number of our event hosts along with the likes of Ant & Dec, Jake Humphrey and Fearne Cotton. It’s important for us to keep an open dialogue with the team here so that we can offer the best possible solutions for our clients including any new and upcoming hosts or speakers.

Next onto the Olympic Park to check out the venue that we are using for our Unique Leadership Programme “The Change Catalyst”. We are partnering with Plexal, the UK’s most exciting new venue, who have converted the 2012 press centre into an Innovation Hub. It’s perfect for hosting a programme which features keynote presentations from the likes of Professor Steve Peters, James Kerr & Laila Pawlak. Construction of the venue has only just been completed – and it looks amazing!

Back on the Central Line heading towards the financial district for a prospective meeting with a new client. On the agenda are the Change Catalyst Programme, Leadership Programmes and Conference speakers for one of the UK’s leading investment companies. Really good meeting with a client who is excited about the prospect of working with us. Also shared London Marathon stories as I found out that they too had completed the London Marathon in April! I’m still recovering!

Keeping with the Sporting theme, my next meeting is the CEO of the Sport & Recreation Alliance who has been introduced via another client. We had a great chat about possibilities of working together and, like in many meetings, found we had a number of very close mutual acquaintances.For my final meeting of the day I’m heading towards Borough Market to meet the CEO of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which supports men who are having a tough time. I sit on their advisory board and help where I can in terms of introductions and strategic direction. It’s extremely rewarding and I love being part of the energy that they create. Keep an eye out for some the amazing initiatives they are launching later in the year.All done now for meetings and heading over to Kew Gardens in preparation for a client’s event which we are supporting tomorrow.

Final job of the day is to start a proposal for one of our existing clients.

Day 2

Up at 6:30 am for a 4 Mile run along the Thames adjacent to Kew Gardens. Beautiful scenery and highly recommended. I’m training for a half marathon in a bid to try and stay fit!First appointment of the day is to attend the clients away day, where we have England Rugby’s World Cup winning coach Sir Clive Woodward speaking. Clive is a joy to work with. He is always the first to turn up and is prepared to present before most people have arrived. Today he is running a workshop for one of our investment clients.

I always enjoy attending our speaker sessions and always manage to take one or two things away. Today it was “Talent alone is not enough”, the general piece around the detail and analysis you need to go into in order to be a successful team, and finally this little gem…

A Teamship Rule – “no phones to be used in lifts in your office” – it forces people to talk to each other!

Sir Clive is great for clients looking for inspiration and support in the leadership space and spends a great deal of time making sure he understands each client’s requirements. In addition, he spends time with delegates after the presentation answering any questions, including many in relation to the recent Lions Tour.Next stop – back in to town for a meeting with our legal team for advice on a couple of points we are looking at as we continue to grow and develop our client proposition.Finally, it’s a 5 pm meeting with a long standing client in the public sector who we are co-designing a Leadership Programme with. I really enjoy working in partnership with our clients because meetings like this usually end up with 1+1=3, and this is no exception!

Finish the day off at 6:30 pm and jump on the 7 pm train back home.

A long couple of days but ultimately very rewarding!!