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Top Tips for Goal Setting

Annabel Graham

6 July 2023

Our leadership development and coaching consultant, Annabel Graham, has spent 20 years leading and guiding over 200+ teams in a range of companies and is an expert on how teams evolve. She works with leaders and senior teams to help engage employees with their core purpose and put the building blocks in place to create businesses which have high performing teams with aligned goals at every level.

Here Annabel shares with us her top-tips for goal-setting and how you can be pro-actively setting and achieving goals.


Focus on outcomes

Review what you want to achieve; is it a list of activities or is there an outcome to your objective? Do you know what success looks like, and how to measure it? Create an outcome-based goal and use your activities as action steps to achieve it.

Link it to the big picture

Do your goals link to the strategic aims, and help you deliver them? This could be a key output or a behaviour which helps you deliver the goals? If they don’t link – go back to the drawing board, because they should.

Be specific

Once you have your outcome-based goal, get specific with the activities needed to deliver it. This way you can see what you need to do when, and measure the progress.

Remember, less is more

Remember – you don’t need many outcome-based goals over the year, probably 3-4 maximum (and that’s across every pathway area – not each one). You may have plenty steps to achieve each goal, but there shouldn’t be that many. Remember, these support your day job!

Create milestones

We all like a list where we can see progress, so don’t look to achieve anything in the first month. Having a short-term goal (1-3 months), mid-term (3-6 months), and long-term (12 months) will allow you to spread your workload, and measure progress as you go.


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