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The Secret to Keeping Your People Motivated

17 November 2015

Ask any leader and they’ll be sure to tell you one of the most important parts of their role is building a motivated team. After all, what could be better than a fun, dynamic and hard-working group of people to work with? To be a strong leader your focus must always be on your team and how you can develop them as a group and as individuals.

Everyone knows the necessity of motivation, but fostering it can sometimes feel a little elusive. How do you make people want to do something for themselves? The old ‘carrot or stick’ conundrum is actually completely defunct: motivation ultimately comes from within and is spurred by autonomy, mastery, purpose and belonging. Instead of a carrot, support your team in these areas:

  • Autonomy – Giving your team the feeling they are responsible for their own goals and encourage them to identify and work towards their own goals within their roles; individuals gain a much greater satisfaction from achieving goals they’ve set for themselves.
  • Mastery – Continually encourage development and skills development within your team; employee satisfaction often wanes when people feel they are no longer growing and contributing new elements to their roles.
  • Purpose – For long term motivation, ensure that your teams’ workload reflects their values and gives them a clear purpose and vision, contributing to a successful and rewarding team.
  • Belonging – People perform at their best when they feel supported, comfortable, appreciated and as though they belong. Factors such as office atmosphere can contribute greatly to an employee’s sense of belonging.

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