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The Future of Ed Tech

7 January 2019

2019 is now in full swing. The year ahead in education technology (aka, Ed Tech) is shaping up to be very exciting indeed. Last year we saw how digital and mobile learning was at the forefront of modern education. The implementation of apps into the learning world in the past few years was a big contributing factor for this.

Where does that leave us as we edge closer to the end of the decade? Here are some top predictions for Ed Tech for the year ahead.


  1. Coding and Robotics

EdTechCoding is becoming more and more prevalent within the education system. More courses are being designed around it and there has been a spike in the number of students taking an interest in coding courses globally in the past couple of years. The intricacies of tech software and the awe-inspiring new wave of robotics is creating an increase in learner engagement within these fields. Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham said recently that he believes robots could take over from teachers within the next decade, whether that comes to fruition is yet to be seen, but it shows the importance of this step-forward in EdTech.


  1. Gaming to learn


Creating something fun to allow learners to really want to learn has always been a topic of discussion. Integrating a gaming perspective, when online gaming and console gaming has become a way of life for many, it seems the only logical next step in the learning process. With the success of learning platforms like Kahoot!, teachers are now finding themselves in the situation where they can create games to help students feel more passionate and engaged with their learning experience. It’s a new and early-stage platform that we will only see grow in 2019.


  1. Personalised learning

This is something Raise the Bar has been doing for some time, with the introduction of our learning app. What we know is that everybody learns in different ways, some take comfort in being shown what to do one-on-one, some are more inclined to interacting within a group and some prefer to read up on material in their own time. Personalised learning has really become popular over the last few years with the introduction of apps allowing learners to attend a class and then be granted easy access to webinars, slides and find easy access to social-media-style comment boards and private messages. Mini learning management systems encompassed within an app, can be tailored easily, cheaply and effectively – meaning delegates can learn in the best way to suit them, at home, on a train while still interacting with others on the same learning journey as them.


  1. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

EdTech: The Learning App AR Augmented Reality Trainer CoachThis is another thing that Raise the Bar has been on-board with for a while. The rise in AR & VR within the field of learning can be put down to a number of things; novelty, fascination with the new and unknown, cross-over with gaming (for example the huge success of games like Pokémon GO using AR) or simply embracing advancements in tech. We use AR to help learners feel like they have a coach in front of them, because essentially, they do. AR and VR are impacting everything, from the gaming industry, the learning environment and even the film industry, with films being made in VR receiving critical acclaim – and fictional films such as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One delving into the idea of escapism through VR.

This is where we think Ed Tech will continue to reach to as we head further into 2019.

The EdTech revolution is only beginning.