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Vikie shanks has seven children, six of which have autism, one with dyslexia and two with cerebral palsy. She is now a campaigner, author and speaker on dealing with and growing up with disabilities. Vikie demands a more inclusive environment when it comes to Autism, and is a highly motivated and determined leader in this sector.

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Having had so many negative experiences with the authorities and schools trying to achieve the best for her disabled children, Vikie developed a passion for doing whatever she can to change the system so that children with special needs no longer suffer. Vikie decided to set-up an Autism Support Group and within three weeks she had 80 people seeking support, where none previously existed.

Vikie demonstrated a remarkable strength of character to channel her experiences into becoming an author and motivational speaker. She has shown that the most trying of circumstances can be used as a positive force, specifically in promoting awareness of autism and mental health issues.

Vikie also speaks on the value of transparent communication, a lesson vital both in life and in business. She talks about her life and her experiences of having children with autism at a recent TED Talk and has published a book Unravelled: The Inspirational True Story of a Journey Out of Darkness.

An expert on autism and how people with autism cope with daily life, including the struggles of adapting to any form of change and uncertainty, Vikie’s presentations are insightful and offer many thought-provoking messages. She has been named  Best Magazine’s Bravest Woman at a star-studded awards ceremony in London on November 17th and also appeared on ITV’s This Morning in 2014.

On October 13th 2017, Netflix aired the exclusive documentary film, ‘Kingdom of Us’, about Vikie and her children’s life. The film has won an award and been nominated for a further three.

This is to say thank you VERY MUCH INDEED for your inspirational presentation on all your family members and their fascinating lives that you gave at our staff meeting last week. All the staff were so impressed with your ability to have taken on all the challenges with such a positive attitude, and for all family members to have achieved such amazing outcomes! As I said in my thanks to you at the staff meeting, if ever there is a mother who deserves the ‘Super Mum’ award, it is yourself! NHS
We were blown away. Out of this world and respect to Vikie and her family. Here at J&J our colleagues said she was amazing. Her inspirational story was a great end to our day. Johnson and Johnson | January 2023  
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s session – your story is honest, inspiring, and most importantly helps educate people on neurodiversity and mental health issues which is fantastic! Bank of America
I was blown away by the presentation that Vikie Shanks presented on the topic of invisible illness, including menopause. On top of everything she had to deal with, menopause challenged her too and she still carried on… She is one amazing lady! Bristol Myers Squibb
Your presentation at the Helpline Partnerships conference, was one of the most inspiring and powerful talks that I have ever experienced in my 41 year career. I’ve also never witnessed someone get a standing ovation like the one you received. Thank you and keep inspiring others! Helplines Partnership | NSPCC delegate | January 2023

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Vikie Shanks

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