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Tony Morris

Tony won’t help your sales team win new clients; he will help them win raving fans who will keep on buying for years to come.

In Person

£6500 - £9000

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Virtual Event

£4950 - £5500

The creator and author of KILLER SALES: Inside the mind of a serial seller; Tony knows to be the best sales performer, you need to understand how the best sales performers, think, act and behave. Having helped over 35,000 sales professionals for the last 21 years, Tony has discovered the common traits of the top 1% of sales professionals to help your team sell more, more often, with ease.

How do you ensure your sales team’s business comes from repeat customers and referred customers?
How do your sales team turn customers into raving fans, to ensure they recommend to their most trusted connections?

Tony’s keynotes are all humorous, engaging and thought provoking. The audience will have practical take-aways that can be immediately implemented into their business.

Tony’s Most Popular Keynote Talks:

  • Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results – From my 23 years of success in sales, I believe the 2 vital ingredients of a top performing sales professionals, are the questions they ask and their ability to spot opportunities that others cannot see. In this keynote, I share the best and the worst examples of everyday sales, from everyday people. The audience will be able to relate to every example and it will inspire them to take note of what the best salespeople do differently. This is where you’ve been sold to, and you didn’t even realise it.
  • K.I.L.L.E.R Sales: Inside the Mind of a Serial Seller – On my podcast, Confessions of a serial seller, I have interviewed the top 100 sales professionals in the world. I have read over 400 books on sales, and I have trained over 50,000 salespeople. From all those experiences, I have been able to codify the characteristics and traits required to become a top sales professional.
  • Memorable Service: The good, the bad and the ugly – When you have great service, you tell 5 people, when you have bad service, you tell 5,000 people. Social media has enabled this to become a reality. Customers expect great service, and they are often left disappointed. Therefore, to create repeat customers, and to build raving fans about your company, your brand and your offering, you do not need to deliver great service, you need to deliver MEMORABLE SERVICE that people will continue to talk about in 20 years’ time
  • The Two Tony’s: S.P.E.A.K U.P About Mental Health in Sales – There is still a stigma about sharing your feelings and emotions with other people. There are many salespeople suffering in silence, as they wrongly believe this is a weakness and would be frowned upon. I got diagnosed with Bi-Polar in 2020, and I believe it’s a condition that has gone unnoticed for 27 years of my life. In this talk, I share the various strategies that I have been using, to navigate through the traumas I have faced, and by me being open and vulnerable, my aim is to inspire others to have the courage to ‘SPEAK UP’ about their mental challenges as well.

What Your Audience Will Take Away:

1. Strategies to build instant rapport.
2. Ideas to increase conversions through every stage of the sales cycle.
3. A complete mind shift towards sales.
4. Techniques to develop intelligent questions.
5. A strategy to treat every enquiry with the same level of enthusiasm.
6. A different perspective on developing an additional revenue stream.
7. Strategies to help people deal with their mental health.
8. A clear understanding of what it takes to be a top performing sales expert.
9. Professional Techniques to generate a constant flow of referrals.

Tony delivered a sales talk at our sales kick off conference. The audience loved him, and I thought he was one of the best speakers I had ever seen; and I’ve seen hundreds. He managed to create the perfect blend of humour, practical take aways and storytelling. I would highly recommend Tony for any sales conference. Jamie Paige, Partners Director at Vitality
The way that Tony delivers is excellent and keeps everyone engaged. It is theoretical and practical, people left with stuff that they can work on Nathan Farrugia – Founder & CEO of UP – Insights, Coaching, Training  
“Tony captured the sense of our company and what we are trying to do, perfectly. That’s why we have booked him for our last 3 sales conferences. Christian Bo Nissen – Event Co-ordinator at Universal Robots

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