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Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro

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Tony Conigliaro is one of the world’s most inventive bartenders and mixologists, whose unique approach to flavour and customer service has re-defined the cocktail industry. His influence has been so far-reaching that the likes of Heston Blumenthal have described him as “a revolutionary”.  

Key to his approach is finding inspiration from outside traditional bar tending. For example, he has studied with Michelin-starred chefs and food scientists to understand the chemistry behind how flavour works and how technology can be used to intensify its effects. He has also worked extensively with artists, architects and designers to explore aesthetic concepts that can be implemented in his drinks and the design of his award-winning bars. But the end goal is always the same: making sure that every element of the customer’s journey, from arrival to goodbye, is carefully choreographed and flawlessly executed so that they have a consistently outstanding experience.

In 2007, Tony founded the Drink Factory – a group of pioneering drinks researchers – to put into practice his ideas and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with flavour. At their laboratory in east London, they create the ingredients and precisely-balanced recipes that make up the extraordinary menus at their world-renowned and award-winning bars: 69 Colebrooke Row, Bar Termini Soho, Bar Termini Centrale, and Untitled.

In 2012, Tony published  Drinks: unravelling the mysteries of flavour and aroma in drink (Ebury Press), which won America’s prestigious James Beard Award for Beverage.

Tony’s talks inspire and fascinate audiences as they’re drawn into the colourful world of drink and flavour, they also carry powerful insights for businesses looking to remain dynamic and ahead of the competition.

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We had a really great time – exceeded everyone’s expectations. He was brilliant, as were the rest of the team. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, learned a lot, and got happily merry! Would definitely recommend you guys to anyone.


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