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Tom Daley OBE

Olympic gold medallist and double World Champion Tom Daley OBE is the most decorated British diver of all time.

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Winning his first gold medal and becoming the European champion at 13, Tom has represented Team GB at five Olympic Games, Britain’s second youngest male Olympian of all time. Alongside three bronze medals, he won his first gold at the 2020 Olympics.

While fans applauded his wins, images of Tom knitting poolside circulated the globe, resulting in Made With Love, his dedicated knitting Instagram account, gaining over one million followers overnight. Following the Olympics, Tom attended the Met Gala and covered British GQ before launching his own knitting line, Made With Love. The brand’s designs have been celebrated by everyone from Vogue Italia to Elle Japan.

Tom, who achieved immense success at a young age, has a unique and compelling story. His experiences from the Olympics, the significance of teamwork, leadership, goal setting, and resilience, make him a highly motivational and inspirational speaker. He can inspire various audiences by sharing the wisdom gained from being an elite athlete, including how to adapt, overcome adversity, and stay motivated. As a husband, father, and proud LGBTQ+ spokesperson, he also promotes a more inclusive and accepting environment, both within and outside sports. Tom has spoken at events for organizations like Sky, HSBC, Google, and many more.

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Tom Daley OBE

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