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Tim Wade

Described as engaging and thought-provoking Tim Wade is a recognised international speaker on customer experience and marketing. As a passionate, intelligent speaker, Tim inspires audiences to think bigger and bolder about their customer experience and marketing strategy.

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As founder of CX Lab, a global customer experience consultancy, Tim Wade has led the transformation of businesses across hospitality, retail, telecoms, financial services, beauty, B2B and technology. It all began for Tim in fast-paced retail. From there he climbed rapidly gaining experience in senior roles in financial services, telecoms and hospitality.

After success in corporate life, Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit was strong and after a stint as Managing Director of a management consultancy, he decided to start his own business. Seeing the growing rhetoric and lack of rigour around much of marketing, Tim founded CX Lab to bring a scientific and evidence-based approach to marketing and customer experience. The CX Lab philosophy is based on the facts and methods of science rather than the rhetoric of hype. Using the study of human behaviour to create customer and employee experiences that generate measurable and evidenced growth for organisations. This thinking brings new insight and real business growth to clients.

Tim brings this experience alive when he speaks, showcasing proven, tangible solutions and interesting stories and case studies that will differentiate and grow your organisation.

From a keynote speech to a two-day workshop, here are some  of the topics Tim speaks about:

  • How to deliver a customer experience that differentiates your business
    Customer experience has become the core way for business to differentiate and grow. Gartner state that 87% of marketing leaders expect CX to be their primary differentiation strategy. The challenge for business is HOW! How do you create a customer experience that differentiates your organisation and grows your business? Tim’s presentation and workshops use amazing case studies and stories to show you how. He makes the audience sit up and think about what they need to do to deliver a leading brand and customer experience.
  • Creating a customer-centric organisation
    With brands like Amazon providing drone delivery, to Uber disrupting the taxi market. Merely keeping up, never mind differentiating, is becoming a constant challenge. In this fast-paced digital world where customers expectations are ever increasing, how do you stand out?  What the leading businesses have in common is that they place the customer at the centre of their organisation. In a keynote speech, Tim will inspire audiences with what it takes to create this customer centricity and the benefit it brings.
  • What it takes to make your brand stand out in a digital world
    When customer choice and expectation are rapidly growing, how do you stand out? Brands have become more important than ever in this digital world. But the rules have changed. Creating distinctive brands now relies on the ability to create the brand experience that people talk about and share.
Delegates at our conference were captivated by Tim’s illuminating session on highlighting the fundamental importance of customer experience. Several members commented on how interesting it was to hear from someone with such a good, proven track record. His message is relevant for any industry.

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Tim Wade

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