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Thimon De Jong

Thimon De Jong

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Thimon de Jong runs WHETSTON / strategic foresight, a think tank specialising in future human behaviour, societal change & business strategy.

Thimon de Jong (1977) is the founder of WHETSTON, a strategic foresight think tank based in Amsterdam. WHETSTON explores the future of human behaviour, societal trends and generational change.

These insights are then applied to leadership and business strategy. Thimon is an experienced (virtual) keynote speaker and leadership trainer and has worked for clients like Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, IKEA, Novartis, Nike, Microsoft, Warner, Tetra Pak and L’Oreal. Thimon also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University. He is a former insights & strategy director at Trends Active, researcher at Freedom Lab Future Studies and editor-in-chief of RELOAD Magazine.

His first book Future Human Behaviour – Understanding What People Are Going To Do Next
was published in 2023 by Routledge.

What can leaders & organisation do today to prepare for the future? Thimon de Jong helps you understand what’s going on in the world and what people are going to do next.

Thimon de Jong is a behavioural expert and the founder of Whetston / strategic foresight. He has helped clients like Ikea, Morgan Stanley, Google and Novartis to future proof their leaders and business strategies. He lectures at Utrecht University (social-psychology) and published the book Future Human Behaviour – Understanding What People Are Going To Do Next in 2023.

Thimon is a sought-after global keynote speaker and leadership trainer and has been ranked ‘highest-rated speaker’ at more than a 100 business conferences & leadership programs. Audiences praise his entertaining, interactive sessions, full of practical take aways that are rooted in research.

Keynote Topics:

Future Proof Leadership
What can leaders practically do today to be ready for the future? On how to navigate the polycrisis, ride the next wave of digitalisation, embrace new ways of working, increase trust and take care of the planet and themselves?

The Future of Work
What are the practical implications of the future of work? How much flexible / WFH / remote / hybrid / metaverse work are we going to do? And how to attract the next generation of workers: what does the talent of the future want? How to attract and keep them?

The Human Side of Technology
How will people respond to future technologies? How can leaders get themselves and their people to rationally and emotionally embrace new technology? And what is the perfect balance between the virtual and the physical?

Navigating the Polycrisis
It is time to envision how human behaviour will change the coming years now that society is hit by a so-called ‘polycrisis’: where several crises in a row (Covid, Ukraine, inflation, recession & the climate crisis) shake up society and rattle our mental wellbeing. How does this affect our behaviour? Decision-making? And leadership?

Generation Z: Collaborative Action
Gen Z is making quite an impact! How do they differ from older generations? And how to create a thriving collaborative multi-generational work place where their entrepreneurialism and their action mindset can thrive?

The Future of the Planet
The 2010’s were mostly about raising awareness, the 2020’s are all about Action with a capital A. So what can organisations practically DO right now to make a real impact (without being cancelled)? How should leaders approach this topic? How can an organisational purpose be aligned with the personal purposes of its employees stakeholders and clients?

Mental Surplus
The topic of mental health is rapidly becoming as ‘normal’ as physical health. Employees are actively looking for mental health resources at work and see their manager as one of these resources. Any future proof leader should start working on a mental surplus today with a focus on empathy skills and emotional intelligence.

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In person prices:
£7,500 - £10,000
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£5,500 - £7,000
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Quick quote Thimon De Jong

“Thimon’s thoughts and ideas are engaging and inspiring while also grounded in reality with lots of real-life use cases and examples. His incredible positive energy combined with his ability to tell a story while at the same time breaking down the complex proved to be an intellectually provocative experience. I would happily recommend him to any organization that is looking to engage and impress their customers and better understand the implications of their own business strategy in the market.”

“Thimon gave the audience very practical ways to embrace or detach themselves from technology. He shared some insights into the effects on us all from being slaves to the screens and how we need to free ourselves to think and be creative. If the outcome is that the attendees engage more and remain present in conversations with friends, family and business connections then digital becomes part of their ‘controlled’ time and not the master.”

“Thimon was one of the keynote speakers at our yearly event. Not only did he score a 9.5 (on a scale from 1-10), which never happened before, by delivering such excellent presentation skills and great content. He is also a very fun, creative and reliable person to work with. If you are looking for an excellent keynote speaker, Thimon is your man.”

“In an incredibly enthusiastic and engaging way, Thimon introduced us into his world of trends, and amazed us with the great stories and images he had selected for the occasion. It came as no surprise to us that Thimon, exceptional speaker that he is, received much praise and an amazingly high score for his presentation from the audience. He really made a great contribution to our event and we were very happy and proud to have him. Thank you Thimon!”

“Thimon has made an impact by making it clear how humans function and how we need to have this in mind for the future. It was a topic that we kept coming back to.”


“There were many memorable take-aways from the three keynote presentations Thimon did for us, but we were most impressed by the effective way he made us consider different perspectives.”

Altus Group

“You helped us achieve our goal of the culture summit; which was to allow leaders to pause and consider their leadership approach in how we work together to achieve great results.”

Robert Half


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