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Suzanne Edmond

Former dyslexic Director of Government Communications, Suzanne Edmond, is on a mission to encourage people to think differently and communicate better.

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Suzanne spent twenty years working in international, corporate, government, and charity communications, advising senior leaders and ministers on controversial and high-profile issues while leading teams through times of national crisis, including Brexit and Covid.

Having worked as a senior adviser to Secretaries of State, Suzanne provides a unique insight into what it was like to work at the heart of a government when the country was in crisis. Reflecting on this turbulent period and leading communications for pivotal national events, Suzanne highlights the critical skills that every leader needs to thrive in high-pressure business situations.

She also offers an honest and raw account of how it felt to walk away from a 20-year career after realising she was experiencing burnout and no longer getting the best out of herself. She reflects on the impact of working under intense and unrelenting environments, sharing her highs, lows, and the lessons she learned. Suzanne also shares how this experience inspired her to pioneer a new approach to communications consultancy and challenge the assertion that senior leaders don’t need positive encouragement or support.

As the first (or at least the most vocal) openly dyslexic Director of Communications in Government, Suzanne is also a strong advocate for neurodiversity. She shares her personal journey, having only found out she was dyslexic in her thirties, and provides an honest account of her struggles. She also explores the advantages that embracing dyslexic thinking can bring to creative communications, effective engagement, and inclusive leadership.

Suzanne’s talks have been described as inspirational, engaging, and informative by brands including Amazon, Deloitte, Tesco, and the University of Manchester. Suzanne herself is described as wonderfully witty, warm, and a role model for how dyslexia can be turned into a superpower. She comes highly recommended for anyone seeking insights on creating leadership and an effective culture.

Suzanne’s Keynotes include:

  • Burning out Brightly
  • Communicating with Dyslexia
  • Leading through Crisis
Suzanne’s talk on leading through crises is as engaging as it is informative. She is able to reflect on her own experiences, in particular her time working for the UK Government through Brexit and Covid, to provide real insight into the pressures leaders face and coping mechanism to dealing with them. Deloitte Partner following Issues & Resilience Conference 2022
Thank you for your inspirational talk. I and the team really appreciated the opportunity to share our personal stories and get further insights from your experiences of leading comms at the top level of government. You are a role model for how dyslexia can be turned into a superpower. Senior Executive, Amazon UK
Suzanne delivered a fantastic session for us on the theme of ‘Leadership through crises’. Suzanne’s ability to bring to life all her experiences in Government and create tangible and practical advice was extremely helpful for the team and garnered extremely positive feedback. I would recommend Suzanne for anyone thinking about how they can create leadership and an effective culture within communications teams. William Heald, Director of Colleague Communications, Tesco
Suzanne delivered a brilliant session as part of our Ultimate Masterclass Festival, the feedback to which has been incredible. Suzanne shares her own experiences, expert insights, and personal story around dyslexia with warmth and honesty. Her talk is fascinating, inspiring, and empowering for any audience to hear. I’d highly recommend making time for an in-depth Q&A session, we’ve never had so many! Ryan Crighton | Policy and Marketing Director | Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

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Suzanne Edmond

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