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Steve Heaney MC

Steve Heaney MC has an elite military background and is an expert in leadership and management, strategising and decision making and team building and cohesion within the military both at home and abroad. His unique experience of success and struggle is both enthralling and inspiring.

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Steve’s extensive military career began in 1986, and much of his prowess as a speaker comes from his extensive expertise gained whilst in the military. By the time he left the military, Steve was one of the most senior and experienced parachutists who helped to pioneer high altitude jumping techniques.

At twenty he became the youngest ever member of  X-Platoon, or the Pathfinders, and it was with this group that Steve completed the infamous campaign in Sierra Leone. Just 26 Pathfinder soldiers were dropped into a remote village, expecting a 48-hour operation that soon became a fierce 16-day siege against 2000 rebel attackers. For his skill in coordinating and managing the battle on the ground, Steve was awarded the Military Cross.

From this campaign came Steve’s best-selling book Operation Mayhem, and after leaving the military he later went on to work for the UAE for over a decade and effectively aided in the reshaping and strategising of their Land Forces and Special Operations troops. His work internationally, concerning the tactics, techniques and procedures of both British and foreign military campaigns, embodies many of the values companies and educators seek out in instigating change and encouraging endurance in the wider world.

As a speaker, Steve uses his experience to create unique training packages and speaks on both moral and physical courage, along with team cohesion against his background of proven success.

To have such an experienced, respected and informative soldier as speaker was fantastic. Steve Heaney MC spoke with great passion and pride for his soldiers, the British Armed Forces and the people of Lungi Lol village in Sierra Leone whose lives were owed to the courageous actions of the Pathfinders. If you are looking to motivate employees, encourage people to think beyond their perceived limits or gain an insight into the minds of individuals under extreme pressure and facing overwhelming odds, I suggest you look no further.

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Steve Heaney MC

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