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Born a thalidomide child with acute dyslexia and leaving school with no qualifications, Stephen Mason went on to obtain a 2.1 degree and work in investment banking, implementing the IT for trading floors, where he paid off his mortgage at 29 and financially retired at 32.

Stephen Mason has numerous charitable interests and apart from various regional support to local charitable bodies, he provides management and business expertise to the Thalidomide Trust, along with a significant investment in educational and employment initiatives throughout the world including Young Start Up Talent in the UK and Cisco’s BIG campaign.

Stephen started all of his businesses from zero and invested in business partners. He has an eclectic mix of businesses, ranging from a hedge fund to a recruitment company, to a management consultancy and a software company. His businesses have a combined 75 million turnover and 400 staff globally, and he has made 9 multimillionaires. He also saved a local 300 seat theatre, developing a business model which has since been adopted by many regional theatres.

Stephen is currently working on a global education to employment initiative in conjunction with the University of Brighton to build seamless relationships between tech and media stars of the future and their prospective employers.

Regularly speaking in public on the subject of entrepreneurship and providing a hands on approach to nurturing the CEO’s of the future through incubation and start up investment; Stephen is also involved in many positive worldwide projects thanks entirely to the continually growing success of his company Mason Investments Globally.

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