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Stefan Hyttfors

Stefan Hyttfors is passionate about innovation, disruptive technologies and behavioural change and how this affects the worlds of business and social issues. His mission is to inspire as many as possible to embrace change.

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Born and raised in Sweden, Stefan is a highly successful individual yet is a great believer in constantly working on your own future through change in the present. After working as an executive photo editor in Sweden, and disliking the stress the job came with, Stefan resigned and went on to found a PR company with his friends: Wenderfalck PR. Success came quickly and despite this, Stefan again disliked becoming a manager rather than a ‘do-er’ and left his own company.

Now a successful speaker and author, Stefan works to prepare his clients for change. His belief that there are two types of change- falling and jumping- and consciously choosing to jump is far better in the long term. He strongly believes that the only security in life is your belief in yourself. Stefan is also a great believer in the power of the internet and emerging technology, likening it to the Industrial Revolution in terms of its impact on our everyday lives.

Having been twice awarded the Speaker of the Year award by Talarforum (Sweden’s biggest speaker bureau), Stefan has style that is both challenging and inspiring, whilst also managing to entertain throughout. He is a thoroughly modern and connected individual with great experience and a refreshing style of presenting. His favourite question in life, and one he tries to impress on all those he meets is simply: ‘Why not?’

He brought great inspiration to our session and the feedback from the worldwide audience was fantastic . Combining the evolution of technology and what this means for us to have a healthy mindset in this world of constant change, opened this people week with an inspiring and embracing way to view change

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Stefan Hyttfors

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