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Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage is a Sunday Times bestseller author of 2 life-transforming books. 30 years delivering deep transformation to thousands of individuals. 20 years helping leading brands respond creatively to changing winds. 5 years transforming an incurable cancer diagnosis into vibrancy, creativity, activism and service.

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Sophie Sabbage is a familiar personality following the stunning success of her first book, The Cancer Whisperer, which placed Sophie on a global stage as an authority on how to thrive in adversity. She has since made numerous media appearances, written a second Sunday Times bestseller called ‘Lifeshocks – and how to love them’, created a new narrative about cancer, given a TEDx talk about grief and built a speaking business.

Sophie, who has had multiple brain tumours four times and has nearly died twice, is a testament to producing remarkable results in the most limiting circumstances. She knows more than most about how to unleash creativity in the midst of intense challenge. Most adversity speakers have overcome whatever happened to them, but Sophie is speaking it and writing it as she lives it.

She has spoken on dozens of wellness stages in recent years, but her expertise is in the emotional and psychological aspects. She equips people to take hold of their fear so that it doesn’t take hold of them and has empowered tens of thousands of cancer patients to find their power in their most powerless moments. She is a high-profile patient activist who advocates for others while undergoing sometimes brutal treatments herself.

B.C. (before cancer) Sophie ran a leadership and culture change business consultancy, which delivered practical psychological tools back when this was still at the cutting edge of business practices and considered quite weird.

Eloquent, congruent, boldly truthful and gifted at reading people, Sophie gives vastly overused words like ‘authenticity’ and ‘transformation’ power and credibility. She sees what needs seeing, says what needs saying and shifts what needs shifting. She also has a reputation for expressing what other people experience but are unable or too afraid to say.

Key Talks: 

  • Most ‘Transformation’ Isn’t and how to create shifts that don’t shift back – Sophie outlines key indicators of true transformation that she has discovered over three decades in the field
  • ‘Thriving in Adversity’ How to be creative when it matters most – In this talk she shares some of her personal story and a five-step system she has developed for thriving because of crises rather than surviving in spite of them.
  • The Price of Positivity and the value of shadows – Sophie has worked in personal growth (a.k.a ‘positivity’) industry for almost thirty years and witnessed the detrimental impact of positivity cultures in business.
  • Alchemical Leadership and how to alchemise results – In this talk she explains the mutually transforming power of alchemical leadership and how she has turned lead situations into gold outcomes.
  • ‘The Fear Protocol’ How to take hold of fear so it doesn’t take hold of your business – In this talk, Sophie describes observable indicators of fear, explains the root causes of fear and provides a powerful tool for releasing fear when it takes hold.
  • ‘The Psychology of Creativity’ How to live creatively instead of running ‘ideas’ workshops – In this talk, Sophie reveals the psychology of creativity and how we can open its floodgates by shifting our emotions, perceptions and decisions.
  • The Cutting Edge of Patient Care – Sophie is increasingly being invited to advise health professionals in these areas – not least because she also has twenty years’ experience of transforming customer service for leading organisations. This talk is a great way to bring her ideas to your organisation and discover how she can help you stand on the cutting edge of patient care.

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Sophie Sabbage

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