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Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Often described as ‘the World’s Greatest Living Explorer’, Sir Ranulph Fiennes also made it into the record books by completing seven marathons on seven continents in seven days – not long after receiving emergency heart surgery.  He then took up climbing, starting with the North Face of the Eiger. At the age of 65, and on his third attempt, Ran became the oldest person to conquer Everest.

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Ranulph has cemented himself as the ultimate explorer over the past 40 years. Having served for eight years in the British Army, Ran has gone on to break numerous endurance records and was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles by surface-means, and the first to completely cross Antarctica on foot. A dedicated fundraiser for his explorations, Ran is also a prolific writer.

Building a team with the right character and attitude is of paramount importance. Persistence, tolerance, fitness, agility and the ability to perform under extreme pressure are all factors in Ran’s remarkable endeavours – just as they are in any competitive environment. Most recently Sir Ranulph climbed highest Antarctica peak, Mount Vinson.

Ranulph inspires and entertains conference and after dinner audiences across the world. Presentations draw a connection between nature’s most dangerous and difficult challenges, and the day-to-day hurdles we all face. Teamwork, determination, patience, discipline and creative thinking are vital to the success, and sometimes the survival of Fiennes and his colleagues. We may not risk our own lives in the same way, but all these qualities are equally important in less hazardous occupations.

Inspiring and passionate about what he does. The audience was appreciative, enjoying the humour and as one delegate put it, ‘Incredible, life-altering’. He was the highest-scoring part of the conference, even amongst those who were from Spain and Latin America!

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Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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