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Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward has secured his place in history. His reputation as a world-class leader makes him one of the most sought after public speakers industry-wide. 

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Clive Woodward is an English former rugby union player and coach. Clive was coach of the England team from 1997 to 2004, managing them to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Sir Clive Woodward was responsible for the England rugby team who were victorious over Georgia, South Africa, Samoa, Uruguay, Wales and France.

England won thanks to Jonny Wilkinson’s drop goal in the final seconds of extra time. Sir Clive Woodward was knighted in the 2004 New Year’s honours. England remain the only team from the Northern Hemisphere to have won the World Cup largely due to the tactics and leadership style of Sir Clive Woodward.

Sir Clive Woodward is the architect of England’s greatest sporting achievement since the 1966 World Cup victory, Clive’s visionary approach to ‘winning’ has captured the imagination of the sporting world. But it’s not only in the field of elite sport that Clive’s principles have proven to have particular resonance.

The philosophies inherent in the development of high performance teams are the result of cross-pollination of ideas from Clive’s experience of business and sport. The qualities that identify great leadership are common to both business and sporting environments. The ability to think clearly under pressure is as key to success in the boardroom as it is in the cauldron of a sell-out international fixture.  Clive’s success lies in his ability to communicate and instill often challenging ideas with a practical and proven methodology with routes to success.

Leadership, teamship and partnership have been at the heart of Clive Woodward’s success and in engaging his services to address your audience you will gain a fascinating and inspirational insight into what it takes to be the best. As the next chapter unfolds, Clive’s continued quest for excellence in everything he does sets him apart as an individual driven by a passion to succeed.  It has been described as a compulsion, which cannot fail to inspire teams and individuals.

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Sir Clive Woodward

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