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Sharon Amesu

Former Barrister turned award-winning speaker and consultant, specialising in leadership and diversity.

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Sharon Amesu is a multi-award winning Professional Speaker, Executive Coach and Facilitator. She is a member of the Professional Speaking Association. Sharon embarked on her career in Law, practising as a Criminal Barrister for a distinguished 16-year tenure that spanned across the Northwest of England.

Sharon transitioned into an influential role as the head of a consultancy. Her consultancy specialises in providing support to organisations, helping them foster Leadership Development and drive Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Sharon’s expertise in these areas is sought-after globally, and she is a renowned Professional Speaker, gracing stages worldwide.

Her speaking engagements cover a spectrum of crucial topics, including Women in Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, and Leader with Courage. Sharon’s insights and inspirational talks resonate with audiences from diverse backgrounds, making her a sought-after speaker at prestigious events worldwide.

Sharon’s dedication to leadership and excellence extends beyond her speaking engagements. She is a Founding Fellow of the Society of Leadership Fellows at St George’s House, Windsor Castle, showcasing her commitment to leadership values. She was also recognised as an Honorary Industry Fellow of the University of Salford Business School, a testament to her contributions to the field.

Previously, Sharon served as the Branch Chair for the Institute of Directors, where she played a pivotal role in promoting effective governance and leadership practices. Her expertise has led to her recent invitation to join the Northwest Business Leadership Team, where she continues to influence and shape regional business strategies.

Additionally, Sharon actively contributes to the arts and culture scene as a Board member of The Hallé Orchestra, supporting the preservation and advancement of music and culture in her community.

A lifelong learner, Sharon is currently engaged in Advanced Studies in Executive Coaching with the prestigious University of Cambridge. This endeavour exemplifies her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, ensuring that she remains at the forefront of leadership and coaching practices.

In 2021 Sharon was recognised by Google Arts as one most inspiring Black Leaders in Manchester, UK. Her contributions to various fields, including business, governance, and the arts, make her an inspiring figure who continues to positively impact organisations and communities worldwide.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would use a quote attributed to a Republican President to describe the outstanding leadership skills of Sharon Amesu. However, Ronald Regan’s “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat” to me, best describes, perfectly the unique skill of this individual. She has an innate ability to put all those who are in her company immediately at ease, while simultaneously tackling some of the most challenging and sensitive subjects in business. Although a qualified barrister it is without doubt her thorough understanding of people, irrespective of background or education, that sets her apart as a leader. Her ability to draw others in to fully consider and take onboard her way of thinking is a gift in itself. A skilled practitioner of soft controlled power, Sharon, whilst never being the most dominant person in the room, is driven by purpose, meaning and intention which collectively make up the foundational pillars of this exceptional individual who inspires me every day! Ian Whilby | NED |  Consultant
Sharon is an amazingly effective speaker. The session she has just run for my CEO group was on Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She makes a challenging subject very accessible with great practical tips and information on how to find out more. We had an engaging set of stimulating conversations and realisations as a result of her session. I have engaged many professional speakers over the last twenty years and would count Sharon amongst the most impactful I have seen. Peter Hill | Chairman Vistage

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