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Sarah Furness

Sarah Furness is a ex RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron Leader who is on a mission to help people to feel as strong as they look.

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It’s easy to assume that resilience is instinctive and that our minds are working FOR us when life throws us curve-balls.  The truth is, whilst we were taught algebra and nouns at school, we weren’t taught HOW to use our brains to increase our performance, resilience and happiness. As a result, a lot of us live in conflict with ourselves, sometimes without even realising it.  This affects even the strongest of people. In fact it’s often the strongest people who experience the most conflict, such is the power of their minds.

Sarah has 20 years of military service as an RAF helicopter pilot, Squadron leader, mentor and a facilitator. She led on operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are the most powerful lessons she learned:
– Intelligent capable people don’t always feel as strong as they look.
– Performance under pressure is NOT instinctive.
– BUT humans have an amazing capacity to adapt, grow AND lead even in the toughest conditions…when we know how.

This prompted her to re-train and harness her experience and passion to help people use their impressive (but often mischievous) brains as a force for good.

Her experiences as a combat operational commander, helicopter pilot, mother and mindfulness practitioner has led her to develop her own unique Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) Formula – a way to train the mind to be a Jedi master under pressure and accomplish zen like levels of self-belief and inner calm. Nobody is born a Jedi Warrior. But we can all learn to become one.

Her approach is robust (she is combat helicopter pilot and fluent in alpha male), whilst being non-invasive (there is no lying on a chaise longue dredging up your childhood) and good-humoured. She is sought out by fast critical thinkers who want to be extraordinary.

She has a 6 year old son who she adores and who inspires her every day.

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Sarah Furness

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