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Sam Kusi

Sam Kusi is a Motivational Keynote Speaker rendering impactful thought leadership and persuasive research-based oratory in the field of Diversity & Inclusion, as well as it’s next of kin – Unconscious Bias.

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£9500 - £12500

Price based on UK delivery

Virtual Event

£7500 - £11000

Sam Kusi possesses robust experience across an eclectic array of accountabilities, in a wide range of industries such as Commodities, Education Management, IP Management, Media Communications and Real Estate.

Navigating in these fields has imbued him with empirical evidence of subliminal common threads pertaining to workforce inclusivity or the lack thereof, as well as it’s resultant rationale.

As a thought provocateur, Sam fuses the latest research, gripping storytelling and refreshing humour to illustrate how addressing the present diversity and inclusion anomaly requires strategizing to break free from static managerial conventions inhibiting exponential results and untapped talent.

His keynotes are predicated on highly authoritative thought-provoking content. As he administers this content, his mission is to inspire, engage and uplift. His research and passion will stimulate minds, penetrate hearts and set your event alight.

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Sam Kusi

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