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Sam shares his unique research tools with his experience coaching the UK’s brightest public figures and influencers to create higher performance and better well-being within young people. He looks at how the culture of instant-access information on our phones and devices is affecting our own psychology, as well as how a fast-paced world impacts the thoughts and feelings of this generation.

Sam Jones is the Founder of several companies and apps (All In, TwentySomeone, TIME score) in the area of mental wellbeing and has been a personal coach to over 300 clients, including many young celebrities and entrepreneurs. After being on Job Seekers Allowance at 21, Sam now works with individuals and global brands, often using his unique T.I.M.E. research to help them perform better and feel better. He also created an open-to-the-public community of seven-thousand members to provide on the ground learning experiences and workshops for modern-day twenty-somethings.

Sam’s mission is to change the way people attain mental wellbeing and life direction through simple, down-to-earth support. He currently reaches 25 – 35,000 people a week on Instagram, mainly 20-35-year-olds in the UK and US and has led research projects to understand mental wellbeing in young people that reached 5 continents in 12 months. He has worked with businesses such as Unilever, P&G, ASOS and News UK, from coaching their staff, to helping them to understand millennials and build new brand strategies for them.

Sam’s expertise and authority, gained through the mentoring of pioneering researcher Jeffrey Arnett, in the millennial and emerging adult area ensure that he creates unique tailored keynotes and group learning experiences from the perspective of young people. He has presented just over 100 keynotes and workshops over the last 7 years, from audiences of 10 to 250 people, and his down to earth and laid-back style make him a great speaker for many types of events.

His keynotes include:

  • A personal growth strategy for millennials in work

Sam guides you through a workshop – whether you are a millennial or manage them – research backed exercises to help coach, mentor and develop in the workplace

  • Coaching Gen Z to great well-being in work & home

Sam is answering organisations challenges by helping their young talent thrive in the working environment. Many coaching techniques and practical strategies can be used by Gen Z and their managers to bring their best into the organisation.

  • From top 100 business school to benefits, and back

Sam shares his entrepreneurial journey in an all too common tale of grand expectations and harsh reality. He gives a brutally honest insight with practical tips to how he went from benefits post-university to setting up several platforms that are tackling the UK well-being problem.

  • What working with the ‘1%’ teaches you about life

Stories and strategies from working as a life coach with celebrities and millionaires. What we can learn about the pursuit of success and happiness, and what really goes on BTS of the people we all follow.

  • Building core confidence and assertiveness in work

A practical session where people build an in-depth plan to master the three layers of confidence in their work. This workshop helps people speak up, perform better, and lead from the inside out.

  • A practical guide to well-being in a busy world

Social media, never-ending work access, and comparison play a major part in how we see ourselves and our lives. This workshop delves deep into the role this plays on our well-being and uses very applicable strategies to work with the modern world, and not the other way around.

  • The 24-hour walk technique: How walking for 24 hours straight can change your life

Sometimes big changes require big action outside of your comfort zone. Learn how walking 24 hours (as well as other achievable challenges) can be the remedy for many of life’s mental ailments. An inspiring and informative session that is accessible to everyone

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£3,000 - £6,000
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Sam Jones has created a detailed, insightful, motivational and comprehensive programme to help ease young people through a stage of life which can be daunting and is often rife with confusing and life-changing choices.


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