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Sacha Romanovitch OBE

Sacha Romanovitch made history as the first female CEO of a major accounting firm when she took the helm at Grant Thornton UK and joined the global board.

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Known for her radical thinking and leadership, her tenure was marked by efforts to transform the firm into a
modern, progressive business characterised by diversity, responsibility, personal development, openness, and collaboration.

Sacha’s journey began at university, where she studied chemistry and started an entrepreneurial venture. Seeking to understand the mechanics of business, she qualified as an accountant and joined Grant Thornton, where she remained for over twenty-five years. Within a decade, she became a Partner and, driven by her passion for talent development, became the first board member responsible for People and Culture.

As a Partner and later CEO, Sacha aimed to dismantle barriers within the organisation and the broader professional services sector, which often resisted change. Central to her approach was understanding the values and purpose of a business and its people, and their role in society. By engaging with everyone and offering development opportunities, she believed even those resistant to change could be persuaded.

Under Sacha’s leadership, Grant Thornton adopted a culture of shared enterprise and purpose-driven profit. The firm shifted its focus from academic achievements of new applicants to their potential contributions, promoting greater diversity and fostering a more open, innovative, and positive culture. In her final year as CEO, Sacha was ranked in the top 50 CEOs in the Glassdoor index, just two places behind Apple’s Tim Cook, with a 94% employee approval rating. The firm also received numerous accolades, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and a top ranking on the UK Social Mobility Index.

Drawing on her extensive experience and research into people, change, and leadership, Sacha examines how companies can be robust, sustainable, and future-ready. She explores strategy implementation, leadership development, and how businesses can positively impact the world.

Currently, Sacha serves as CEO of Fair4All Finance, an organisation dedicated to improving the financial wellbeing and security of vulnerable individuals. She co-chairs the Inclusive Economy Partnership, a government-convened initiative focusing on mental health, transition to work, and financial inclusion, uniting business, society, and politics to drive change. Sacha also sits on the board of London & Partners, collaborating with the Mayor of London’s office to promote the city internationally.

She has contributed to official reviews and reports on diversity, social mobility, and various issues affecting the auditing industry.

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Sacha Romanovitch OBE

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