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Roberto Forzoni

Roberto Forzoni is an acclaimed speaker and one of the world’s leading authorities on performance psychology.

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Embark on a journey into peak performance and mental resilience with Roberto Forzoni, a seasoned performance psychologist and a driving force behind the success of elite teams and athletes for over three decades. With an illustrious career spanning the realms of football, boxing, tennis, and the Olympics, Roberto has left an indelible mark on the sporting world. His expertise extends beyond the field, as he seamlessly integrates psychology into the fabric of high-performance environments. Roberto’s influence resonates far beyond the playing field, from the Premier League to the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship and collaborations with media giants like BBC and Sky.

Roberto’s presentations delve into the core elements that underpin success in high-performance environments. Teamwork is not just a catchphrase but a philosophy he passionately explores, unravelling the dynamics of building successful, sustainable teams. His insights on dealing with conflict, optimizing performance, fostering staff mental well-being, building resilience, and navigating pressure in today’s chaotic world make him a sought-after speaker and consultant. With a commitment to transforming insights into actionable strategies, Roberto Forzoni offers various services. Engage with him through captivating talks, immersive workshops, or ongoing consultancy to unlock the full potential of your team or organization.

 Roberto’s odyssey in performance psychology reads like a journey through the pinnacles of athletic achievement. His fingerprints are evident in the success stories of eight Premier League teams, including Brentford, Brighton, and Crystal Palace. The echoes of his impactful work reverberate within the confines of the football pitch, where he has sculpted players’ mental fortitude from West Ham United to Southampton. In the boxing worldbeat’s work includes helping Derek Chisora’s campaign against Tyson Fury in the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.

At the Lawn Tennis Association, Roberto assumed the pivotal role of National Performance Psychology Manager, contributing significantly to the success of tennis prodigies. As the trusted psychologist for Andy Murray, Roberto played a crucial role in shaping Murray’s mental resilience on the tennis court as well as developing Team Murray, the support team that helped Andy achieve his Slam and Olympic success.

The football fraternity also benefited from his knowledge, spending many years at The Football Association, where he authored ‘The FA Guide to Psychology in Football.’ And was instrumental in the development of the FA Psychology Courses. The breadth of Roberto’s experience extends to the Olympic stage, working intimately with champions across various sports. His media understanding is underscored by his role as a consultant expert for BBC, Al Jazeera, and Sky and a lecturer imparting knowledge at MSc and BSc levels in Sports Psychology.

In performance psychology, Roberto Forzoni stands as a beacon of inspiration. His talks not only impart knowledge but infuse a sense of passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. As he shares his journey of working with world-class athletes and champions, Roberto leaves an indomitable impression, proving that the path to outstanding performance is intricately linked with improving health and well-being. As you join Roberto on this transformative odyssey, be prepared to witness the convergence of expertise, experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Featured Topics:

  • Teamwork
  • Building successful, sustainable, high-performing teams
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Optimizing performance
  • Fostering staff mental well-being. 
  • Building resilience
  • Dealing with pressure in today’s chaotic world

What you can expect:

  • Improved Performance and Productivity: Clients can expect to enhance their focus, motivation, and goal-setting abilities through tailored performance psychology techniques. This often leads to improved performance and productivity across various aspects of their lives, whether work, sports, or personal endeavours.
  • Enhanced Mental Well-being and Stress Management: Through workshops or consultations, individuals will learn strategies to build resilience, manage stress effectively, and cultivate a positive mindset even in challenging situations. This results in improved mental well-being, reduced burnout, and more excellent balance and fulfilment.
  • Improved Team Dynamics and Sustainable Success: Performance psychology interventions extend beyond individual growth to fostering positive team dynamics, communication, and collaboration. By nurturing a supportive team culture and enhancing interpersonal skills, teams can achieve greater cohesion and sustainable success.
Roberto’s incredible understanding of people, human nature and sport makes him the ultimate performance consultant. He knows what it takes to make people and teams excel and win. Sir Clive Woodward
Working with Roberto, I have learnt to appreciate tennis again. I was getting angry on court about things that weren’t really necessary. Andy Murray

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