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Rob Glass is a seasoned professional in the realm of video production, with a distinguished background as a former Video Journalist at the BBC. During his career, he crafted over 2,000 video features for broadcast, honing his skills and expertise in storytelling through the visual medium.

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However, it was the advent of smartphone technology that truly revolutionised Rob’s perspective on video creation. Witnessing the transformative power that smartphones bestowed upon individuals to create compelling video content, Rob recognised a seismic shift in the landscape of visual storytelling. No longer confined to industry professionals, the accessibility of smartphones democratized video production, empowering anyone with a vision to convey their message effectively.

Driven by a passion to harness this democratisation of video creation, Rob embarked on a new journey as a Video Revolutionary. Departing from traditional norms, he embarked on a mission to equip individuals and organisations with the skills and knowledge to leverage smartphones as tools for impactful storytelling.

Drawing upon his extensive experience as a Video Trainer at the BBC, coupled with a rich portfolio of award-winning video-making endeavours, Rob developed a pioneering ‘Boot Camp’ style smartphone video training course. This course, born from a synthesis of expertise and vision, has since been delivered worldwide to renowned organisations such as Siemens, Deloitte, and BMW, as well as through esteemed partners like The Guardian Masterclasses and LinkedIn Learning.

Rob’s approach is not merely technical; it is rooted in the art of storytelling. He firmly believes that effective, authentic storytelling lies at the heart of successful communication. Through his courses and workshops, Rob has empowered over 80,000 individuals to unleash their creativity and make meaningful contributions to their communities through smartphone video.

Despite this remarkable impact, Rob remains steadfast in his commitment to his mission. With over 7 billion smartphone users worldwide, he recognises the vast potential for further transformation. His vision extends beyond mere instruction; it encompasses a desire to foster a global community of storytellers, each armed with nothing more than a smartphone and a passion for change.

Today, Rob Glass continues to lead the charge in the ‘video revolution,’ inviting individuals and organisations alike to join him in reshaping the landscape of visual communication. If you or your team aspire to harness the power of storytelling through smartphones, Rob welcomes the opportunity to guide you on this transformative journey.

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