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Rob Glass is a videographer, video storytelling expert and trainer, and the founder of Coracle Films. Rob has been working in broadcasting for twenty years, and during his time as a BBC television presenter he was acknowledged as one of the most creative practitioners in the UK.

Rob found his niche as a video journalist, single-handedly filming and editing features for BBC News. He also spent time as a trainer, showing other BBC journalists how to create independently too.

In 2004 Rob set up Coracle Films so that he could help organisations beyond the BBC communicate using video. By producing over 1,500 features for broadcast he noticed that the most powerful kind of video revolves around storytelling. Seeing some stories going untold, he grew passionate about sharing this power.

Effective storytelling will increasingly be the difference between success and failure in communications – at both a strategic and tactical level. With video predicted to account for 90% of internet traffic in the near future, the combination of video and stories has to be the perfect combination. Now, thanks to the ludicrous simplicity of the iPad, Rob is able to show people with no previous experience how to harness the power of their real-life stories using video.

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Rob has been speaking and running workshops for seven years and his theme has been becoming more and more mainstream as the years have gone by. He’s a BBC trained video journalist who believes that everyone should be able to create engaging video for themselves and their businesses. We shouldn’t be paying other people to do it for us any more.

Robs workshop, which is aimed at people with no previous video experience, unfolds in a logical manner and is never prescriptive. He provides ipads for all delegates and you will quickly build up a level of video literacy which puts you in a position to start using the iPads to capture natural footage, people chatting and voice over (the three main and often overlooked ingredients).

His clients to date include The NHS, E.ON, 3M, The University of Nottingham, The Post Office, Grant Thornton, the CIPR, the IOIC along with various City and County Councils.

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Rob has unlocked a door for us to a game-changing world of cost effective video. Simon Harvey,


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