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Reggie Yates

Across a two decade-long career, Reggie Yates has firmly established himself as one of Britain’s most recognisable media personalities.

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A true multi-hyphenate, Reggie has displayed prowess as a radio presenter on Radio 1, a television presenter for shows such as Top Of The Pops, a London Independent Film Festival award-winning film director and writer, and an actor.

Using his platform to empower others and tackle pressing issues, Reggie was named on the 2020 Powerlist as one of Britain’s most influential black personalities.

Reggie is a seasoned host, offering professionalism and an engaging personality honed from decades of experience. Besides hosting award ceremonies, he is a compelling speaker who drives awareness about global and community issues. His insights stem from a wealth of knowledge, particularly pulling in from his critically acclaimed documentary work. He has spoken at prominent events, such as Natwest & Google’s Black History Month, emphasizing the importance of retaining black talent.
Steven Frayne (Dynamo).

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Reggie Yates

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