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Ray Martin

Ray Martin, aka The Daily Explorer, is an entrepreneur, award-winning business leader, coach, mentor and author of “Life Without A Tie”

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Ray has spent his entire life following his passion for human development. Through his work as a coach, mentor, facilitator, and mindfulness teacher, he has become a torchbearer for greater human consciousness. He courageously explores both his external and internal world daily in pursuit of greater insight and wisdom about life, for himself and others.

He was the recipient of The Daily Telegraph Business Leader of the Year Award in 2002. He has guided and advised hundreds of people to become extraordinary leaders. In 2005, shattered by an unwanted divorce and the loss of his father, he was forced to put his life on hold and contemplate what was most important. He then embarked on a journey of reinvention by taking a six-month sabbatical to go backpacking and explore Asia.

However, life had another plan for him. An unexpected turn of events led him to act on stage in a play in Australia. It was a game-changer. He sold his house in London and gave away virtually all of his possessions. He left England to answer the question “How do I live an authentic life, true to myself from this moment onwards?” His nomadic adventure unexpectedly lasted fourteen years and went global, from London to Chiang Mai, New York, the Himalayas and beyond.

He travelled all over Asia, discovered Vipassana and meditation and developed a mindfulness practice. That helped Ray develop a set of ten guiding principles that are detailed in his book.

He also started a charitable Foundation, completing the New York marathon to kick-start his fundraising efforts for an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and an orphanage in Nepal. That raised over $15,000. He’s run four more since then, raising around $50,000 for his Calling All Angels Foundation.

“Life Without A Tie” was published in November 2022, and marked his writing debut. His beautifully written, open-hearted and courageous book chronicles his fourteen-year journey and he vividly described what happened and the insights and wisdom that came from each of the adventures that took him through twenty-eight countries. Having reflected deeply on the entire journey, Ray was able to articulate his six rules for happiness, in the hope it will encourage others to write their own.

His mission is to bring more joy and happiness into the world and create a revolution in the way people think.

Ray regularly talks to audiences large and small about the following:

  • How to be an inspirational leader, colleague, friend and human being
  • How to live in a constant state of inner peace, no matter what
  • What it’s like to be trapped in a life that others expect of you
  • The call to adventure – letting go of what’s known and safe
  • When, how and why might you choose a minimalist lifestyle
  • How your life changes when you commit to a path that is true and authentic
  • How you can live in a state of greater self-acceptance and why you’d want to
  • Why there is no need to fear failure when you do actually fail
  • How you generate the courage to be different from everyone else when needed
  • What mindfulness is and how can we embrace it to be happier in our lives
  • How you harness the power of silence, curiosity and humility – the three most under-rated resources
  • When and how to trust your inner voice
  • The power of living in alignment
  • The perfection of being imperfect
  • What it’s like to live in the present moment and the impact it has
  • Partnering with your self-coach, not self-judge
  • The courage to be and act differently

Listen to Ray Martin’s recent podcast:

I invited Ray Martin to speak about mindfulness and leadership during the first “Wellbeing in Business” conference which took place in Warsaw, Poland 2017. Ray shared his experiences and wisdom in a talk entitled “The Practice of Leadership Wisdom.” In 45 minutes, he showed the audience different ways to grow as a leader, expanding awareness, managing attention and thoughts, practicing gratitude, identifying patterns and triggers, changing self talk, checking in by noticing emotional internal weather or giving other undivided attention. I noticed and appreciated the engaging and humble way Ray interacted with members of the audience and how he brought it to life by introducing live interactions and experiential exercises. His talk was very well received and highly inspirational. I fully recommended Ray as a charismatic, insightful speaker whose knowledge is grounded in personal experience and presence. Ewa Stelmasiak – CEO Well Culture Institute

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