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Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch is a British conductor and comedian known for his comical take on classical music. He has toured in over 30 countries and has broadcast extensively, principally on the BBC.

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Rainer is unique – as a comedian he has appeared in clubs and festivals across the globe, from the London’s Comedy Store to Caroline’s in New York, including thirteen appearances at Edinburgh Festival.  As a classically trained musician, he has conducted some of the world’s most famous symphonies including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, the Johann Strauss Orchestra and the St Petersburg Philharmonic.

For corporate audiences, Rainer brings his extraordinary talents to bear on two hugely effective and popular presentations:

  • Peak Performance (what can business’s learn from a symphony orchestra). With audience interaction and plenty of musical examples (performed either live or using clips), Rainer completely engages any meeting with a discussion about leadership as viewed from the standpoint of the orchestral conductor. As a comedian, he allows the orchestra-team to reach out to a completely different market without fundamentally changing anything they do, simply re-applying existing resources.  It’s a fascinating story and the analogy of the orchestra as a metaphor for any complex organisation is striking and illuminating. Can be performed solo OR with 5, or 8 musicians (depending on the size of venue and audience).
    • Key messages include: communication; building trust and teamwork; encouraging passion and commitment; creating and communicating a vision; defining values; leadership styles; making the best use of available resources; managing the process of change; guarding and enhancing a reputation.
  • Orchestrate your team! A team-working session in which the attendees are given the task of contributing musically to a performance of a hit song. Delegates are divided into teams, each of which retires to a breakout room with a tutor – one of Rainer’s accompanying musicians.  There, they are challenged to learn a percussion instrument and a series of rhythms.  After 45 minutes instruction, the teams come back together for a further session in group singing.  Then it all comes together in a hugely satisfying performance. This session is performed by Rainer Hersch and a group of musicians (minimum 4, exact numbers depend on the number of participants).
    • Key messages include: the power of the team; working together to acquire new skills; listening; leadership within the team; the role of the conductor (manager).

These two sessions can be performed separately or together.  If together, allow 3 hours, plus a break.

Click here (Peak Performance) and here (Team Building) to watch Rainer in action!

Rainer Hersch was superb, a resounding success. Firstly, his preparation was greatly appreciated. He set up the night before and had a lot of the cables/equipment with him which helped the technical crew. He was punctual on the day which helped alleviate our nerves. Then, he delivered to the brief on the day – for sure. We are very pleased with his keynote speech. The hour seemed to fly by as he inspired and entertained the audience with interactive dialogue – what a great performance!  He put on a great show.

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Rainer Hersch

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