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Raef Meeuwisse

Raef Meeuwisse

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Raef Meeuwisse is one of the most popular authors in the field of cyber-security and social engineering. Raef’s titles include the global best-seller, ‘Cybersecurity for Beginners’, the frequently evolving ‘Cybersecurity to English Dictionary’ and ‘How to Hack a Human’; an exploration of how easily us humans can be controlled and influenced. His experience includes running eight digit security budgets, consulting on security at over 50 different organisations, designing a multi-million-pound security software platform, training as a hypnotist (yes, you read that correctly) and occasionally flying helicopters.

In addition to making public appearances at countless conferences across Europe, the UK and the US, he is also a frequent provider of commentary for multiple technologies and mainstream news outlets and has appeared in Infosec magazine, ZDNet, TechTarget, TEISS and on Sky News.

Before entering the world of cyber-security, Raef trained and operated as a sales and negotiation professional in the health insurance sector, then successfully managed a national business start-up for a financial services company before spending several years as a management consultant – a role that led him to build and develop the security framework and global supplier audit service for a US Fortune 20 company.

His hard-won knowledge is based on real-world incidents combined with extensive research into technology trends. His keynote delivery style is to combine humour with deep insights and effective story-telling adapted to inspire each audience.

Although continuing to provide some boutique cyber-security consultancy services, Raef Meeuwisse now earns his living primarily from sharing his passion for understanding and communicating security risks and technology trends, especially in the context of their human factors and impact.

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Artificial Intelligence, Data, Digital Risk and Security, Future Trends, Influencing, Innovation, Internet, Planning & Preparation, Privacy Online, Social Media, Technology

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In an area of technology that can easily lose someone in the weeds, Raef manages to bring the topic of information security to life like no other. With a cheerful, articulate and humorous approach to interpreting challenges and communicating solutions, Raefs’ keynote presentation during our virtual summit stood above the rest, attracting a large audience that was engaged from beginning to end. SVP Content Marketing, MISTI


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