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Professor Roger Steare

Professor Roger Steare is The Corporate Philosopher. He invites people to stop and think in a compelling and inspiring, yet pragmatic way, and he helps people develop better thinking, debate and decision-making.

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Professor Steare invites people to stop and think in a compelling, inspiring, yet pragmatic way, helping people develop better thinking, debate and decision-making. The result? His clients are able to build cultures where every customer, colleague and investor is truly valued as a human being. Where profit is no longer a dirty word. It is a philosophy of sustainable prosperity for all.

As a Visiting Professor in the Practice of Organizational Ethics at Cass Business School and Guest Lecturer at London Business School, Roger helps leaders make right what’s wrong, helps leaders make better what’s already right, and enables them to think differently.

Roger is most well-known for his book, Ethicability, which has sold of half a million copies worldwide, and delves into the study of moral philosophy, enabling us to decide what is right and to behave accordingly. It is based on a clear, concise and robust model which combines insights from 3,000 years of moral philosophy and the latest scientific research into human psychology and behaviour. In just 20 questions, readers are able to understand and resolve a wide range of moral dilemmas in a format which has been tried and tested by groups as diverse as investment bankers, health practitioners, and the security services.

Roger has helped me consider business decisions from a fresh perspective. His approach might be rooted in philosophy, but in reality, it is about pragmatic, profitable, yet principled management of a business, for long-term success.

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Professor Roger Steare

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