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Philip Ross

Philip is the CEO of UnGroup and Cordless Group, as well as an author, futurist, and advisor on the new world of work.

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Philip specialises in predicting the impact of emerging technology on the way we will work, shop, learn, consume leisure and live.

Philip has written some of the leading books and reports on the future of work. In 1994, he founded UnGroup with the publication of The Cordless Office Report and in 1999 wrote The Creative Office (co-authored with Jeremy Myerson). He has also written The 21st Century Office and Space to Work, as well as contributing to publications including the Corporate Fool and The Responsible Workplace.

Philip has recently written a new book called Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office, (co-authored with Professor Jeremy Myerson) published by Reaktion Books in the UK and Chicago University Press in the United States.

The book offers a panoramic view of the office and explores what happens next following the global pandemic. The book advances a manifesto for ‘unworking’ – unlearning old habits and rituals established for an outdated office and creating new ones fit for an age of digital technology, design innovation and diverse workforces.

Unworking has recently been covered in the Sunday Times, the Financial Times, Forbes, the Business Insider, as well as being featured in numerous industry and business podcasts.

He speaks at both public events and internal corporate conferences, away days, offsites and strategy sessions. Philip’s presentations look at a range of issues and themes, from the future of work and new ways of working to smart buildings and cities, the future of retail and mega trends and shocks that will reshape our organisations and economies.

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Philip Ross

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