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Pauline Sanderson

Pauline Sanderson

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Pauline Sanderson is a highly regarded adventurer and motivational speaker, she was the first person in the world to do the world’s longest climb, resulting in a Guinness World Record.

The EVERESTMAX journey had to deal with every team challenge you could throw at it. The teamwork was the reason it was a success. Pauline will draw on the many experiences to explain how and why their team managed an array of difficult situations such as people dynamics, constant change in logistics, adversity of weather, riots, bureaucratic obstacles, threats, personal and team esteem and of course physical endurance. Pauline puts the secret of their success down to ‘lots and lots of laughter, positive attitude and belief in the goal’. The group successfully completed The Longest Climb, resulting in a Guinness World Record, and Pauline and her husband made a British record for the first British married couple to summit Everest.

Pauline’s varied and colourful career means she can resonate with a variety of audiences. She began as a London barrister, then an outdoor instructor, she was then the director of an adventure company in Kathmandu for 4 years, tripling their turnover. Pauline then worked for a team building company for 5 years, in marketing for another 5 years, and she is currently a positive mindset consultant helping people grow an awareness of how they can take on the challenges of everyday life, work and play while exploring their potential.

As a speaker, Pauline takes you with her on this emotional and inspirational journey that started and finished with 7 people in perfect health and still talking…quite an achievement! Her presentations are multi-media and Pauline will use both still images and sections from the movie that was filmed throughout the journey, giving a real insight into the expedition.

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Pauline is a great motivational speaker who impressed me by the story of her expedition, but also by her sense of humour, energy and enthusiasm. She showed that if you have the drive, the focus and the commitment you can realise whatever you want to achieve. Just make your life happen.


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