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Paula Leach

Paula Leach

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Paula Leach is on a mission to create thriving human workplaces by building greater mastery in leading people.

For over 25 years Paula has cultivated an impressive and highly practical understanding of what really works when we are trying to build, grow and lead high performing teams who make a meaningful difference in our world.

Her experience spans multinational private sector, large scale public sector (She was Chief People Officer at the Home Office, arguably one of our most revered and complex institutions) and entrepreneurial growth organisations. She currently runs her own Coaching organisation, Vantage Points Consulting working with Leaders and Executives in large public sector bodies, Private Sector clients and Scale up organisations. She is passionate in her belief that every organisation has the opportunity to create inclusive and joyful environments and cultures in which everyone can thrive.

Paula’s philosophy is inspiring to the leader who wishes to accomplish more and be a true changemaker in their organisation and in the world. She simplifies the ‘job’ of leadership such that it can completely transform the way any leader views their role, their contribution, their working life and their onward pursuit of growth and mastery in leading people. Paula has a deep experience of everything from employee engagement and motivation through to leadership succession and what is required to be successful at the highest levels of any organisation.

Her approach is both systemic and strategic whilst retaining the simplicity and pragmatism required to enable others to implement changes and adjustments to their own approach immediately. She is warm, encouraging, engaging and calm. Her whole approach is about elevation and ‘next-level’ leadership capability.

In February 2021 Paula’s first book on leadership was published ‘Vantage Points: How to create a culture where employees thrive’. This book was shortlisted for the 2022 Business Book of the Year in the Leadership category.

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Change, Cultural Change, Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, High Performing Teams, HR, Inclusion, Leadership, Management, Performance, Personal Development, Strategy, Talent Development, Women in Business

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