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Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball is travelling the UK delivering his talk “Hiding addiction in the workplace”.

In Person

£4000 - £7000

Price based on UK delivery

Virtual Event

£3000 - £6000

Patrick takes the audience through his own experiences hiding addiction and alcohol abuse in the working world. He takes you on the rollercoaster of his life:

  • Leaving a football academy at 18.
  • Falling through a roof on a building site.
  • Earning lots of money young in the corporate world.
  • Abusing cocaine and drinking heavily.
  • Becoming homeless whilst hiding the issue from his employers and peers.
  • Getting sober and clean.
  • Winning everything back.

Patrick shows how this can happen to anyone from any background and explains how businesses can do so much more to support staff.

In 2019, he made his way to the Priory Woodbourne Hospital for 6 weeks to get clean and sober and the turnaround has been inspirational.

We open-up on living with an alcoholic, casual weekend usage and how the disease of addiction is progressive.

Patrick is a reliable and incredibly supportive mental health advocate. He is knowledgeable from a first person perspective and uses his own experience to guide and assist others . Patrick speaks from the heart which makes him really easy to connect with. It takes tremendous courage to speak openly and honestly and this is an endearing trait that helps Patrick bond with people who are more vulnerable and in need of his advice, guidance and professional help. Its fabulous to see how he has overcome his own problems and channelling his lessons learnt to help others. Zoe Brooke- The Construction Initiative

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