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Oli France is an inspirational speaker on leadership, resilience and risk, guiding teams through the world’s wildest places.

Whether speaking to small teams, hundreds of delegates, or virtually to remote audiences, Oli’s mission is quite simple: To guide the audience on a journey, bringing empowering new perspectives on resilience, self-confidence, leadership and how we can fulfil our boldest life goals.

Oli’s adventures have taken him through deserts, jungles, mountains, and war-torn regions across over 75 countries. He has led teams through countless high-risk situations, from the highest mountain in Iraq, to the militia-filled jungles of the Congo, to the backstreets of Aleppo, Syria.

Oli has faced spies, interrogators, minefields and arrest, as well as avalanches, earthquakes, meningitis and severe dehydration, either alone or while leading a team. Oli’s experience has shown that even in the bleakest situations, we can find untold beauty and unshakable strength if we allow ourselves to see it. Oli shares insights on unlocking true self-confidence, developing resilience, effective leadership under pressure, and shifting perspectives towards what we think is possible.

The pressures and perils of expedition life mean that quickly developing high-functioning teams is vital. Over the last decade, Oli has guided hundreds of clients from across the globe on the boldest of journeys, including CEO’s, billionaires, ex-CIA officers, terminal cancer patients and young people embarking on their very first adventure.

In 2016, Oli completed an 8000-mile solo winter journey across the mountainous spine of Asia. This became the basis for his first book, the Trail of the Mountain Folk. More recently, he has guided one of the first tourist groups through Syria since the start of the civil war, and completed a solo 405-mile crossing of the world’s biggest frozen lake in Siberia. He’s currently undertaking a ground-breaking world-first global project, The Ultimate Seven, where he aims to be the first person to journey from the lowest point in each continent to the highest by human-power alone.

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£4,500 - £6,500
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£3,500 - £4,500
Confidence, Extreme Conditions, Goal Setting, High Performing Teams, Inspirational, Leadership, Mindset, Overcoming Adversity, Performance, Planning & Preparation, Psychology and Mindset, Resilience, Risk Taking, Self-Belief, Sustainability, Teamwork

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WOW – Oli was brilliant. He understood his target audience and put in a significant amount of effort to tailor his content accordingly. Inspirational, motivational, uplifting and challenging all in equal measures. Whatever your audience, if your requirements are any of the above, then I am sure he will fulfil the criteria perfectly.

Campbell Watt | NHS Scotland

Oli was incredible, he wowed my boss and executive team. Our chairman loved him and the feedback from the team is that he was the best part of the event. His speech was amazing and he was also an extremely talented MC who carried the event despite many last minute changes and deviations. He took my brief to heart and made the keynote really focussed on what we as a business are trying to achieve and people were very engaged.

Kristina Flickinger | VP Marketing, Halfords


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