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Nahla Summers

Nahla Summers is an inspiring and established speaker that takes the audience along with her on some incredible adventures through captivating stories both from research and real life.  

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Nahla is unique, as not only has she completed ground-breaking research in leadership and organisational culture, but she is also an endurance adventurer and Guinness World Record holder, making her a very engaging and adaptable speaker for any event.

Among many messages that she delivers around leadership and the foundational secrets of great organisations, she shares how we can change the chatter in our minds to allow us to achieve anything we dream of, how resilience is built and when the world gives us lemons how we can in fact make lemonade, how the actions of one can change the world and therefore what we each do really does matter.

Nahla’s research work, A Culture of Kindness, is a powerful theory of how we can bring kindness into the workplace and not only be happier overall but also improve employee wellbeing. Her theory removes stress and anxiety from workplaces, therefore allowing increased productivity and profitability.

Looking to change the way people and businesses co-exist with her talk, book and podcast of the same name, she is affecting us all with positivity of how we can live and work for a more sustainable future.

She is also the founder of Sunshine People, the social movement that inspired her to carry out yearly adventurers to highlight how the power of kindness transforms societies, raising 250,000 acts of kindness to date.

She has been awarded a Point of Light award from the Prime Minister for ‘transforming the concept of sponsorship’. After cycling 3000 miles across America, having not owned a bike in 20 years. Walking 500 miles from South to North England relying only on the kindness of strangers. In 2020 making a World Record by going 5007 miles on an ElliptiGO through every city in the UK, in the middle of a pandemic whilst also producing the biggest ‘Strava art’ in England by writing KINDNESS across it.

Nahla completes these challenges and asks people to show their support by doing an act of kindness for a stranger rather than sponsor money to a charity. As the founder of the CIC Sunshine People, every year she takes on a new challenge and every year she discovers something new about the power that kindness has on people.

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