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Max Foster

Max Foster plays a pivotal role in CNN’s international coverage. He has interviewed many of the world’s most prominent people and is regularly dispatched to anchor live from the scene of major breaking news and special events.

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His pioneering daily news debate show ‘CNN Talk with Max Foster’ is simulcast daily on CNN International and Facebook. He also leads masterclasses in anchoring for CNN affiliates around the world.

Those who have sat down and spoken with Max include Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Prince William, Prince Charles, Diddy, David Cameron, Tony Blair, John Major, Dolly Parton, George Lucas, Amitabh Bachchan, Michael Cain, Judy Dench, Julie Andrews, Elton John and business leaders ranging from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Bob Dudley and Tom Enders.

In his book ‘It’s All About Clout,’ Max draws on his interactions with highly successful people to identify what he thinks they have in common. He concludes that it’s down to their ‘clout’ which he then breaks down to six characteristics that anyone can develop. His starting position is that we are driven by fear more than hope and the trick is to turn that to your advantage.

Max continues to lift the lid on success with his popular ‘Cloutology’ blog, podcast and Instagram feed where he offers advice, analysis and interviews with those who have made it in their chosen fields. His talks on the subject are as enlightening as they are challenging and audiences come away feeling invigorated and inspired.

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